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Nov 10, 2006 06:32 PM

Looking for Ice Cream + Dessert Combos

I'm in charge of making ice cream to go along with a couple of desserts and I'm kind of lost. The desserts are a devils food cake with a chocolate mocha frosting and a carrot-ginger cake. I was thinking a straight vanilla bean ice cream to go with the devils food cake but I'm up for suggestions.

I'm also looking for a nice way to spice up some chocolate ice cream.


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  1. Yum!

    For the devil's food cake I agree that vanilla would be good... but if there is mocha icing, perhaps a coffee ice cream would complement that well?

    For the carrot-ginger cake... I don't have a recipe for this, but my immediate thought was that since carrot cake is often served with cream cheese icing, maybe that could somehow be replaced with cream cheese ice cream? Or maybe a nutty flavor like a buttery pecan ice cream?

    If you're looking for one ice cream that would complement both cakes, I would probably go with a simple flavor like buttercream.

    To "spice" up chocolate ice cream, you could use cayenne or cinammon if you mean it literally... or you could add something crunchy to your mix just to make it a little more interesting... even chocolate chips or cookie bits which would maintain the chocolate flavor but add texture could be good. I've also had great malted ice cream; if you wanted to make a chocolate and malted duo that would probably be awesome.

    1. Thanks for the ideas. I actually make a cream cheese based cherry ice cream during cherry season so maybe I'll experiment along those lines.

      1. chocolate & coffee go well with ..banana.
        Try a banana ice cream.

        For the carrot-ginger try a caramel ice cream with some candied ginger folded into it. Or maybe a mascarpone ice cream with possibly a hint of orange?

        I like to steep some whole star anise into my cream when making chocolate ice cream. It really has a nice kick to it.

        1. I was going to suggest caramel too, but I was thinking of salted caramel. I think that might go with both, as would ginger ice cream. And, again along the same lines as sugarbuzz, what about steeping some dried chiles with your cream for the chocolate ice cream?

          1. for the carrot cake, cardamom ice cream with candied walnuts would be nice.
            for the chocolate, a really good vanilla with perhaps a tiny lavender undernote?