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Sunday Dim Sum - Ocean Star or NBC Seafood

1st time SGV explorers plan on an excursion in search of a Dim Sum experience truly representative of what it should and could be. We've narrowed it down to these 2 entries. Which should we choose and why? Thanks

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  1. If there was a 3rd option, I'd go for New Concept. But if I had to choose between the two, NBC.

      1. i went to ocean star several weeks ago and was disappointed. the fried food was all cold and greasy. and for some reason we sat in an area where the cart people would by pass us. we kept having to flag down everyone for everything.

        i'd second new concept. all in all much better.

        1. Ocean Star.

          Better selection.

          Higher turnover.

          Better service.

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            1. Go across the street from Ocean Star to Capitol Seafood next to Ranch 99. But between NBC and OS I say OS.

              1. I like Ocean Star... not just for the food but the hustle and bustle of the place. Noisy Chinese families eating and talking and having a good time along with the clattering of carts and clinking of plates makes for an authentic experience.

                (Though we didn't see a single dim sum cart when we were in Hong Kong 2 months ago... they're apparantly considered way too old fashioned over there)

                Mr Taster

                1. I prefer NBC; bigger variety of food and, if you go at the right time, it's totally got the huge loud selection of Chinese families.

                  1. Thanks for the recommendations. As it turned out the strong comments about New Concept caught our eye. We went and loved it. We were early on Sunday, easily got a table and had some real treats. A fresh shrimp bun was perfectly cooked (not rubbery). We tried the chicken feet for the 1st time. Good taste, but a couple of bites was all that we could do. Thanks everyone who responded. We will definitely be exploring Monterey Park further.