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Nov 10, 2006 06:19 PM

Options near the Van Nuys Flyaway

I recently starting working near the Flyaway terminal in Van Nuys. What are some good places to eat around here that I don't have to drive too far to get to? They have to do takeout since I usually end up working during my lunch, so I need something fast that I can pick up and bring back to my desk.

So far I've tried Captain's Sandwiches (Roscoe/Woodley), Tommies, and DeFrancos (Saticoy/Woodley). I like all types of food so I'm open to suggestions.

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  1. DeFrankos rocks!

    Dos Arbolitos (Woodley & Nordhoff) is excellent as well.

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          Wow, the chicken with capers sounds good -- I love capers. I think I know where I'll be eating for lunch Monday! Thanks for the link to the review.

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        DeFrankos is a submarine shop on Woodley just south of Saticoy near the Flyaway terminal. The inside is about the size of a phone booth, literally no more than about 6 people can fit in there at a time. They have a few picnic tables out back. The subs are great, loaded with meat (or tuna which is one of my favs), fresh rolls, with fresh tomato, onions, pickles and mayo/mustard. Definitely worth a try if you're in the area.

      2. After many, many years of seeing Beeps, located at 16063 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, I stopped in for hot dog. Must say, I was pleasantly surprised. The dog was grilled to order, and came with grilled onions...all in all...yummy. The place has been there for fifty years, and looks it. But, if you work in the neighborhood, give it a try. Understand the shakes are great, but haven't tried them. They have an outside dining area as well.

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          BEEPS! I absolutely love the steak & cheese sandwich, grilled with onion and green pepper like a philly cheesesteak, but served with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Their shakes are terrific as well. The ambience is lousy, but I go for the food.

        2. Please please please go to Los Tacos Coronas on Balboa and Sherman way, same strip mall as the Conroy's flowers. I've begged and begged the Great Bandini to review the place, cuase I'm super confident that everyone will find that this place has the most wonderful tacos in the valley. I know that's a strong statement, but I back it 100%. From the meat (asada, carnitas, cabeza,etc.) to the rice and beans, mariscos, salsas made that morning... the best!

          And the Hawaiian BBQ place on Sherman way, just west of Hazletine ain't bad. I get the pork katsu. The ribs seem like that they don't have enough meat on them. The chicken isn't too bad either. When I use to eat there they didn't have a/c and the place is in direct sunlight so it can get really hot during lunch.

          In'n Out on Balboa and Sherman Way, also. And I have admitted on here to liking the Horseless Carriage at the Galpin Car dealership. Tuesdays they have the best Chicken Tortilla Soup.

          1. Here are a few other recommendations:

            Tacos Kenia - Sepulveda, Sherman Way

            U R Sub Shop - Stagg and Sepulveda....try the Korean Shortribs

            Matt & Tonys - Sepulveda and 405 - Killer Sandwiches

            Golden Chicken - Sherman Way and Sepulveda....great middle eastern food.

            Vallarta Market - Go to their Taqueria...great soups, Chile Relleno, loaded Asada burritos, and more....don't forget to try the Tres Leche slices of cake in the bakery and the Agua de Frescas. Fresh and sweet.

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              Yes, that Vallarta Market on Victory has a superb take-out section that should satisfy many a hunger pang.
              Website for more info on take-out.

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                Last night on the way home from the dog park in Noho, I stopped at the Vallarta on Oxnard for the first time, wow what a disappointment, they only offered maybe 6-8 hot dish options, mostly roasted chicken and various soupy meats. I was looking for some Caldo de Pollo for my crew to no avail. Left and tried another location on Victory and Coldwater, WOW....score! Great store, on par with Woodley, but larger....the pupusas looking amazing as did the Tamales. If you've not been to this location you have to check it's right behind Golan Kosher Restaurant.