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Delicious Burgers for Carnivores and Vegetarians

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Half my friends are vegetarian, half are not. We're looking for a place to grab some burgers together in Manhattan without the vegetarians being stuck with just french fries or the carnivores stuck with chalk burgers. Suggestions?

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  1. Westville, BLT Burger

    1. Houston's has great burgers and veggie burgers

      1. I second the Houston's recommendation. I am not a vegetarian, but Houston's veggie burger is my favorite thing on the menu. It's the best veggie burger i ever had. And their regular burger is decent.

        1. whatever you do...don't go to BLT...awful.....burgers arent great and the room is standard chain...but the best bet is probably (gulp) houstons

          1. Houston's veggie burgers are delicious. I am not a vegetarian and I order a veggie burger every time I go there.

            1. Shake Shack has a great vegetarian burger called the 'shroom, with portobello caps stuffed with cheese & onion, etc. It made me forget that beef is usually necessary in making a good burger. And for carnivores, the cheeseburgers are great - make use of the good weather these few days.

              1. The salmon burgers and veggie burgers at Zip Burger on 52nd are really good as are the fries and regular burgers.