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Nov 10, 2006 06:11 PM

food in la mirada

I would like to go out to dinner with the family tonight; 2 kids included 6 and 3. I want somewhere close and family atmosphere. Type of food, meats and pasta. Price range on the low but still want good food. Thanks

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  1. Little late and after the fact...
    Curious myself after seeing your post I did a quick Google and here's what I found.

    Flame me but only two places I see that might be worthwhile for your situation are Clearmans North Woods Inn and the Elephant Bar (kid friendly menu available
    GOOD LUCK !!!!

    1. I believe that Park Avenue in Stanton is close by to La Mirada.

      1. Thank you both for the reply. Ended up having people over instead of going out... =-(
        I have been to Northwoods, pretty good but I don't consider it family oriented, it't too dark. Elephant bar, get really crowded, but there food is pretty good.