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Nov 10, 2006 05:58 PM

Question about El Mercadito in East L.A.

Was hoping to swing by this evening for a first visit, but found myself wondering if they're open at night. Anyone know?

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  1. They are open at night! I've been there at around 8pm in the past :)


    1. the mariachi only play at night on weeknights, all day on weekends.

      1. Sundays are awsome. Everyone comes out and listens to the Mariachis, Cholos to old proud men in their cowboy hats and boots. Food is lame at the restaurants, eat in the stalls.

        1. Well, we showed up around 10 pm on Saturday (after stuffing ourselves at China Islamic), and got there just in time to see the last stragglers closing their shops. Did manage to snag a couple of pieces of calibasita (sp?) and some wonderful rice pudding, but didn't really get the Mercadito experience. Will have to return earlier in the evening or during the day.

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            And you'll need to sample one of the nieves in the stalls next to the parking lot. The ice with walnuts is particularly tasty...