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Nov 10, 2006 05:39 PM

kampuchea noodle bar.

does anyone know when the kampuchean noodle bar in the LES opens up? i'm dying to check it out.

from the nytimes:
KAMPUCHEA NOODLE BAR -- In the 1970's and '80's, Cambodia was known as Kampuchea. Ratha Chau, a native of that country, who was wine director and manager of Fleur de Sel, will feature street food from Southeast Asia at this Lower East Side spot. (October) 78-84 Rivington Street (Allen Street).

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  1. it looked pretty unfinished as of wednesday night, with lots of heavy construction work going on.

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    1. re: wleatherette

      aww, bummer. i was hoping they'd make the october opening date originally set out. i'll have to keep my eyes peeled. thanks!

    2. i talked to (i think) ratha the other day and he said they were aiming for a nov 20th opening... i have to say, the interior looks quite attractive even though they're not done yet! i also talked to him a bit about the menu and i am soo excited.. cambodian, vietnamese, southeast asian... some of menu items he mentioned sort of reminded me of dchang's idea of upscaling asian food..

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        now you have me even more excited! can't wait to check it out---the menu sounds more expansive than i originally thought. thanks for the update!

      2. I saw a bunch of men in business suits dining their last night. Perhaps it was a soft opening?

        1. i just called the restaurant----the official opening is supposed to be thursday, 30 november 06.

          also, this from

          Momofuku’s heavenly ramen may have a little bit of competition with the soon-to-open Kampuchea Noodle Bar. Opening on November 21st, this rustic restaurant is washed in orange and brown and is filled with high-top communal tables for convivial elbow-to-elbow slurping. As for the menu, owner Ratha Chau (Fleur de Sel) has designed it as an ode to the food of Southern Cambodia with a slew of Pho (including a make your own version where you choose from a list of add ins), cold noodles, and hearty stews like braised oxtail with stewed tomatoes, and spring onions and Bwah Moun, a porridge made from chicken broth, shredded chicken and cabbage. Kampuchea Noodle Bar is located at 78-84 Rivington St., corner of Allen St., 212-529-3901,

          1. I called as well and was told they were shooting for next Thursday, the 30th, as an opening day. I wonder who was dining there on the 21st, the previously announced opening night, bespoke or not. Any spies who might know?