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Does Trader Joe's carry Vanilla Beans?

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last time I went I didnt see any but didnt bother to ask. If they dont have them where else can I get them?

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  1. Yes I think at the West Newton branch but i would go to Penzeys in Arlington

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      Seconding the rec for Penzey's -- they are a far superior vanilla bean to any other I've had in the area -- and fairly-priced as well.

    2. whats the price? I realize they are already moderatley expensive

      also whats the self life on vanilla beans

      1. they carry them, and they're really cheap- like, $3 of 2, instead of the usual $7 for 1. if you keep them dry, cool, and in a dark place, they will keep for several months.

        1. Penzey's is only open until about 5:00 or 5:30 and are closed on Sundays, so unless you work near there, Saturday is probably your best bet to go.

          1. I was in Trader Joe's as recently as last week and did not see their usual holiday display of baking products as I have in year's past. That being said, I'm with the Penzey's crowd. Yes, you will pay a bit more, but this is definitely a case of you get what you pay for.

            1. I have taken to mailorder for my vanilla beans, I like Boston Vanilla Beans http://www.bostonvanillabeans.com. They have good prices on their Madagasgar beans in a variety of quantities, which is what I like - one or three beans are not enough for me but 15 are too many. Their mexican beans are a little more expensive than Penzey's. Their quality is excellent and they have lots of info on their website.

              1. I know the Back Bay Trader Joe's used to carry them. Also, Harvest Co-op in Central Square has them.