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XMAS Party - Westside/Hollywood/Downtown - Fun Joint - 50-60 people

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Did a search, and most where old or irrelevant.

Good food, Private space, anywhere in Bev. Hills, Century City, Santa Monica, Downtown and even West Hollywood. 50-60 People with a decent budget.

The Buffalo Club and Cafe De Artiste where suggested. Are those worth it?

any help would be much obliged, thanks!

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  1. The smaller company I was with last year did Boa on Sunset...DELICIOUS! And for 50-60 they may close the place down.

    This year I'm with a bigger company (actually, close to your size) and we're doing a private room at Fogo de Chao for about $60 a person.

    1. A newly renovated private upstairs dining room has a built-in bar and patio that overlooks West Hollywood at mirabellehollywood.com

      1. I've been to several parties at the Hotel Figueroa downtown. They have some rooms downstairs that work really well for a group that size. You can set up bars in them, have a band in one, etc. The food and decor is Moroccan/Middle Eastern, and they do a pretty good job with the mini kabobs, various dips, pita, etc.

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          Finally got into the Hotel Figueroa downtown recently. Superb place for a party, yet wondered how the food was. Drinks are probably a no-brainer, yet the food ? Any input beyond what you offered earlier would be appreciated.

        2. Since you have a "decent" budget, the private room at Chinois in Santa Monica seats 55: