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Nov 10, 2006 04:45 PM

Potato Guts...the "unrecipe"...

Whenever I make baked potatoes, I make 2 for my DH who likes just the crispy skin. He scoops out the innards which he used to discard. No longer...I abhor waste. Instead, I keep them in the fridge for a few days. Then, when our mood & the menu dictates, I put them in a gratin dish, sprinkle with EVOO & rosemary, s&p, roast for about 40 mins @ 375. They come out golden brown, crispy, incredibly light (as opposted to starchy). Really, really good and idiot simple. DH loves the innards this way as much as he loves the skins.

So this is my made-up unrecipe, created several years ago on the spur of the moment that's become a staple.

Inelegantly, we've christened them "potato guts," a dish we both now look forward to.

Do you have any "unrecipes?" Under what circumstances were they created? Do you have a name for your invention/creation?

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  1. I once breaded and sauteed some chicken breast for chicken parmesan, then realized I had no pasta sauce. So I cut up the chicken and tossed it with noodles and lots of parmesan cheese. Voila! McNugget pasta was born!

    1. I love baked potatoes warmed in them microwave as a snack, but I knows that is not everyones style.

      My mother would always bake 4-5 more potatoes than needed and then the leftovers were used to make home-fries with Sunday brunch. The skins need to be oiled well if you are going to leave them on, but I just dice the whole potato and grill them on a flattop with a bit of onion, and salt and pepper. If you are cooking them with brunch, you can use some of the bacon grease or butter works just as well, but doesn't add the smoky flavor or 40 points to your HDL cholesterol.

      Leftover baked potatoes are also good when diced and added to omelets.

      1. This sounds yummy! Are you mashing the innards at all or just kind of plopping them into the dish for the baking? I want to make these, but want them to be light and not starchy. Thanks!

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          I don't mash them, just dump them into the pan. If there are particularly large pieces, I break them up with a fork. Ends up with some larger pieces and some smaller and some only a bit bigger than crumbs. This takes about 2 seconds to do and the result is attractively rough and uneven. I roast them in a very lightly oiled dark metal no-name gratin which I never wash but simply wipe out. The potatoes come out incredibly crisp-golden, feather light. The "crumbs" are brittle-crispy and fantastic. BTW, I start with regular Idaho potatoes...

        2. I usually make some extra baked potatoes too. I slice them up, brush on some olive oil, salt & pepper and stick them in the oven (or toaster oven) for about 10 minutes. My husband and my 2-year-old both love these "oven fries".

          1. We had a bunch of leftover egg noodles (served with a goulash meal). Warmed them up, threw in butter, sour cream, parmesan cheese and black pepper. It was a huge hit.

            I enjoyed them so much that I don't worry about the leftover noodles anymore. Now I boil up some egg noodles (they have to be the wide ones) and make up my "Sour Cream Noodles".

            One of those things that there's no measuring, just eyeballing and knowing the right consistency.