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Nov 10, 2006 04:42 PM

leslieville, danforth, king east recommendations

Hi guys,

Wondering if there are any must-try new restaurants that have opened in the East End. Looking for something mid-priced, good vibe etc. any help would be much appreciated. thanks.

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  1. pretty soon the new Globe Bistro on the danforth at broadview will be opening. Its not open yet so I cant really recommend it yet but it looks like its going to be good.. as soon as it opens(website saws nov) I will be for sure going and I'll let you know.. other than that new.. hm, the new euro crepe cafe just opened up on the danforth. its not really a restaurant, its a cafe, but they do have reallly nice sweet,and savory crepes, good salads and reaaaally good pressed sandwiches. Prices arent bad if you get soemthing basic ( you pick all your unlimited veggies/spreads) but pay for how many meats or cheese you want.. for example, I usually just get a roasted chicken sandwich on foccacia without cheese but with lots of veggies and hummus and its pretty huge for only 6$. however, once I went for dessert crepe and I was soo overwhelmed by all the incredible choices that i felt I had to try them all so it ended up being like an 11$ crepe when you added all the topics I chose. haha oh well, it was really good anyways

    1. Leslie Jones (Queen East between Leslie and Jones!)

      EXCELLENT and just right in every way.