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Nov 10, 2006 04:36 PM

what to get at SU CHANG'S?

not a fan of americanized chinese. interested in authentic dishes, spice, possible hidden menus, specials, and the like. pork is a plus. pea pod stems: yay or nay? prep? please share

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  1. Scallion pancakes; worst I've ever had...
    Clams in Black bean sauce, on the shell, compare favorably with the top tier in Boston.

    1. they are ok. Since its the only place that serves some cantonese dishes near our house we go there when we don't want to drive into boston.
      we usually get the following
      shrimp in tomato sauce
      beef and bean sprouts chow foon
      sinh to pork chop
      lamb and scallions
      lobster cantonese style

      They usually have a few specials every night.

      1. Since they are just down the street from us, we go fairly often. Lots of americanized stuff (which I don't mind) and a few less common items.

        As mentioned before, the Chow Foon is pretty good (we like beef pepper and onion) and the Sinh To pork chop (I think they are listed as King To on the menu... and they are not pork "chops" in the traditional sense, but thin crispy fried semi-boneless "chops").. both tasty, but not particularly spicy.

        They do a pretty good version of Salt and Pepper dishes.. pork chops, scallops and calimari (never tried the latter). One decent spicy dish is the Suan La Chau (sp?) appetizer.. especially if you order is with a side of hot oil (goes for the salt and pepper dishes too).

        My favorite two americanized dishes are the boneless ribs and the pork egg foo yong (not on the menu).. for some reason, I just love those two "chinese" dishes!