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Nov 10, 2006 04:34 PM

Rotisserie Chicken in Boston!?

I am looking for a good rotisserie place in Boston. I came up from DC where we have Chicken Out, Boston Market, etc,etc. Not much up here in Boston proper... ??

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  1. Go to Artu on Charles Street, Beacon Hill or the other in the North End. It's an Italian restaurant, not a "rotisserie" place, but you can buy a whole or half chicken, to stay or go. Boston Market is for the strip mall.

    1. Thanks, I just looked Artu up and I'll definitely check it out. It is right by work. I have heard of a couple other good "gourmet" rotisserie places: Paris Gourmet, Ararat? Any thoughts on these? And then better yet, I have heard of some good underground Peruvian rotisserie places in Jamaica Plain? (DC has many Peruvian Rotisseries and they are awesome! ... I have really been drooling for them since I moved up. Anyone else?)

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        On Centre St. in JP, you might find some good chicken at Alex's Chimis and Yely's Cafe (spelling?) across from the Stop & Shop.

      2. I haven;t found Peruvian Rotisseries here like Zankou Chicken. Ararat is unfortunately gone. Artu is good for roasted meats in general but haven;t tried their chicken. One place on Route 9 at Hammond in the Chestnut Hill Strip Mall that's a bit better than Boston Market is la Rotisserie.

        1. Where in Boston proper?

          There used to be a number of store fronts in East Cambridge that offered rotisserie chicken (market on fulkerson, mayflower poultry), but I think all of them have ceased. Sunset Cafe serves a half chicken with a number of dishes and its tasty, so you could probably order just a chicken too.

          Last I knew Sweet Brasil Bakery on McGrath O'Brien was offering it, but I never tried it and they seem to have slid a bit on quality and also changed their offerings around -- worth a stop if you are nearby but not a specific trip. I thought there was one other place in Somerville, Aromatherapy might know.

          There are definately a couple of latino chicken places in the Lawrence area and there were a couple of options in East Boston Rosticerias Jalisco & Cancun.

          "Broasted" chicken seems to have caught on in the suburbs and I believe folks have reviewed a couple of places on the board. Branching beyond rotisserie, there also is Blue Ribbon BBQ and a host of places with roasted fowl in Chinatown, or the various super88s around. Rotisserie chicken seems to be waning around here, but there are plenty of other options.

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            You're probably thinking of the J&J (Portuguese) grilled chicken thread. Not the same but a nice takeout option, and you can sub (unexciting) veg for rice or fries. I wouldn't be surprised to see options on the south end of Broadway but I've been doing my hounding mostly at home lately, can't help ya. As so many have noted, no ubiquitous chicken shops--so look around whatever neighborhoods are convenient to you.

          2. That is interesting that you say rotisserie chicken seems to be waning around here because I had a feeling people were not generally interested, compared to other places. Ever since Boston Market's downfall years ago it doesn't seem like it was ever able to catch on again. Why do you think that is? I might have to just travel to DC every once in a while to get my fix! Thanks for all the suggestions.