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Nov 10, 2006 04:28 PM

Bagels in White Plains Area

My favorite bagel comes from Bagel Power in Scaresdale. They have the right texture and flavor that I can't find any where else. Any thoughts?

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  1. Good question, foodrink, I had the same question sometime ago, and most good ones seemed to come from New Jersey.

    Where is Bagel Power? The most decent ones I've found are from the Quaker Ridge bagel store.

    Bagelworks in Manhattan still has the best bagels I've ever tasted in my life.

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    1. re: dolores

      I understand from these boards that Bagel Power is in the Golden Horseshoe shopping center on Wilmot Road. I read about it here and as I was in the area the other day I cruised through but didn't see it. I got home and called and they said they are in fact, in there. I'll have to try again. Let me know what you think it you get there first.

    2. I love Upper Crust in Rye

      1. Beyond the Bagel
        187 Main St. White Plains

        1. My kids and I are bagel fanatics. I grew up on bagel power bagels, and re-visted recently. It was under new management which was beyond bad. The bagels were not the same and the service certainly wasn't either.
          Upper crust in Rye is ok if you are getting a sandwich on your bagel. They have some cool combos, but the bagels themselves are 'eh' and their bialies are unrecognizable as bialies. They are more like giant flat-ish keiser rolls.
          We like the Bagel Emporium chain. They do a lot of commercial baking, so the bagels are always super fresh and warm.
          Also the little shop in New Rochelle off of Quaker Ridge Rd.

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          1. re: momof3

            Second, third and fourth on the Quaker Ridge place, when they are right out of the oven-I get a bread-gasm just smelling the place.

          2. We've recently tried Bagel Power after reading about it on the boards. I haven't been to the N.R. recommended places so can't speak to those but will confirm that Bagel Power is a solid find. They make the best bagels we've found outside the boroughs and by far the best we've tried in Westchester. Crispy exterior, chewy interior, right flavor and the flavored bagels (sesame, onion, garlic, etc) have the right amount of topping. Also, since I'm an onion and garlic bagel eater, I'm very particular about those and am usually disappointed because the onion and garlic bits are burnt at most places but not at Bagel Power. Flagels also excellent and, although a bit pricey, the spreads we tried (various cream cheeses, whitefish salad, egg salad) have all been very good. It's a keeper for us.

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            1. re: laylag

              it's been almost two months since i last visited the NR shop, and i used to go there quite frequently. this morning i decided to try bagel power. thank goodness it opens at 6 am even on a sunday. i've gotten so used to living up here that i anticipate everything opening late!

              my sesame bagel with butter AND cream cheese (yes, that's the reason why i stopped eating so many bagels!) was just as laylag had described. it was chewier than the ones at NR shop, almost so you have to chew with your mouth open :) the toppings on these bagels are actually crusted into the bottom of the bagel, as opposed to being sprinkled on top--less mess while eating and driving. overall, i prefer this bagel over NR. unfortunately (fortunately!) it's more out of my way in the morning, so it'll have to be an occasional treat.

              oh, in case it helps, their hours at 6 AM-5 PM monday through saturday, and 6 AM-2 PM on sunday.

              1. re: cervisiam

                Cervisiam, We recently tried the NR bagel place and so do actually have a basis for comparison now too. I definitely prefer Bagel Power. NR was decent but, like you, I thought it much less dense and the toppings didn't compare to Bagel Power. I'm on a diet now so won't be going but oooh, just thinking about it...