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Nov 10, 2006 04:19 PM

WILLIAMSBURG restaurant-by the water-wooden communal tables-cheeses?

Hi--I know this is vague-new to brooklyn and my friend took me to this place a year ago. It wasnt too far from the water--bit of an industrial area-but other restaurants were within a block or two-as was a big nightclub.

There was some outdoor seating=and inside-two waitresses were host-bartender etc. Quite casual-though not inexpensive by any means. Wooden-like nice picnic benches communal. I remember a lot of cheeses-perhaps a French menu.

Does anyone know this place-dont feel like googling to death-would like to go back.

thx chowhounders!

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  1. Sounds Like it could be SweetWater, because it is close to Galapagos (which is probably the Big Nite Club)??
    Good Luck!

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    1. re: pineapple

      Hi pineapple-did quick google scan-I dont think that is it> the bar is tiny in the place I went to-maybe 6 stools. There is no back porch-just sort of one communal room with outdoor seating. Wine list was somewhat extensive and again-lots of cheese-dont recall burgers. Wish I could be more specific-it was on a corner--and again-bit of a run-down area-at least at night--and the river/water was like 3 blocks away.

    2. Either "Miss Williamsburg Diner" (now called "718"?) at 206 Kent Ave or "Diner" at 85 Broadway? Miss W. would be my 1st guess.

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      1. re: Steve R

        Steve-thanks-but no-saw pictures of both places via googling. This place absolutely wasnt a diner. And neither was the menu-cheeses-fish-lots of wines by the glass. Again-very open air-communal type wooden tables-small bar with 6 stools-2 servers working the whole place. It was located on a corner.
        It was a super unique place-3-4 blocks from the water and like a block or two from some nightclub which was down a sidestreet.

        1. re: wleatherette

          My guess is DOC Wine Bar on Wythe and n 7th-- It's italian - wooden tables rustic- corner spot...

          1. re: quentinC

            Quentin--thank you my man!! I am sure I have irritated a few people-bingo--charming-it was italian not french! smallish menu-but lots of wines and cheeses and platters. Was so unique and such a pleasant change. Thank you!!

        2. Wouldn't have thought of DOC as being in a particularly desolate area. It's almost in the heart of the neighborhood. But it is consistently one of my favorite places in Williamsburg going back to my days of living there.