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Nov 10, 2006 04:16 PM

Who's Been to Mosca's Recently?

What's changed, what hasn't?

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  1. The dining room (and bar area, too) has a new coat of paint, the kitchen is bigger, and the bathrooms were renovated. New metal roof & siding, too. That's all I could see...everything else appears to be unchanged.

    1. We ate there last Sat. Shrimp Mosca, Oysters Mosca, Chicken a la Grande, and Chicken Cacciatore Crab salad, and Spagetti bordelaise were excellent. I am oozing garlic today.

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      1. re: Ignatious Riley

        Is it possible for two people to dine there? Maybe a couple of other houndies in town the last week of December would like to meet up?

        1. re: bkhuna

          Certainly, two can enjoy the food at Mosca's. Too many selections, too little appetite.

      2. I went there with my family over the Thanksgiving holiday, and we sat in the dining room off to the right as you walk in. I have to say, this room is vastly preferrable to the front room, which has extremely harsh and bright flourescent lighting. It literally feels like a hospital. If you can, request a table anywhere but the front room. Maybe the staff will start to get the message.

        Am I crazy, or have others noticed this? And my memory fails me--was it this way even before the storm?

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        1. re: HalfShell

          Halfshell comments ..."Maybe the staff will start to get the message"
          Respectfully, Halfshell, they have not "got the message" in the last 30 plus years that I have been goint there. The present decor is a vast improvement,...ah,...change, over the first time I visited. At that time the only wall decoration was a single, paint-by-numbers quality landscape. The floor was unfinished hardwood, and the entire establishment looked like the clinic at Charity hospital, circa 1946.

          To understand Mosca's you must explore their origin and their then purpose.

          All of the above being said, I view the place as a shrine, or alter for an outstanding and truly unique fare. Success has not spoiled its atmosphere.

          1. re: Ignatious Riley

            Fair enough, your point about them not giving a bleep about decor is well-taken. And it is really all about those Oysters Mosca for me.

            BUT, I have a sneaking suspicion this extreme flourescent brightness in the front room is a new development, in which case I curse this misguided "improvement".

            And I realize I didn't comment on the food from last time I went. It's spectacularly rich and satisfying. Garlic and pepper and crabmeat and breadcrumbs and cheese and oysters and rosemary and more garlic and--oh my it's so good, if you like all of those things (and who doesn't?)

            I love drinking wine out of their little glasses. I love that the next table has three generations all sitting around it, including little kids in Catholic school uniforms. I love the scattered service--makes you feel like you're eating in someone's home. Last time I was there, Harry Connick Jr. was there with his family.

            1. re: HalfShell

              Ha! I wish I knew what you looked like HalfShell, I was likely sitting right next to you. I too was there on that Friday evening after Thanksgiving. We had a table of four in the room to the right, and we enjoyed crab salad, Chicken Grande, pasta bordelaise, Italian sausage, Oyster's Mosca and gee, I guess the couple bottles of wine prevent me from completing my memories. I did however leave with a menu, and even picked up a couple jars of the Grande seasoning at the store (in NOLA) before returning to Tampa.

              As we were leaving, Harry Connick Jr. and the family were all sitting in the large table right by the door. I was thinking how lucky I was that we didn't have to sit in that bright room and have dinner.


        2. i've been wanting to try this place for years, but i never have a car when im in town. can you do it with cabs?

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          1. re: mjpd

            it is a bit of a ride, probably 20 miles from downtown