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Chicken Fried Steak - Closet eater

Since we we discussing steak, and I know that this one is a stretch. But this is one of the menu items I can rarely pass on. We love the chicken fried steak at Murphys Hotel in Murphys CA with fresh county gravy and eggs over easy. Just like Grandma's!
Once in awhile its okay to eat, isn't it?

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  1. I love this dish, definitely a childhood favorite which my Grandmother made me during weekend sleep overs. Always had it with frozen peas and corn and homemade hush puppies. It was the best!
    I never order it out or cook it for myself now, don't know why, really. I imagine there are some pretty bad renditions out there and it scares me a little bit...maybe I should break out my meat tenderizer and give it a go. BUT, there would have to be hush puppies too!

    1. I absolutely love chicken fried steak. There is something about that cream gravy (or milk gravy, depending on what you're used to calling it). I was first introduced to it while in Texas which I suppose spoiled me for all other times I've had it. I'm in NYC so it's tough to get a good one here but I've found a few places that will do.

      1. It's OK to CELEBRATE it!!! Turn finding the best version into a quest!!
        This is great American food with its origins among the German and Czech immigrants who used the inexpensive, often cast-off, cuts of beef on cattle drives to make a taste of home, imitating the breaded meat dishes of their homelands, such as Wiener Schnitzel.
        A proper Chicken Fried Steak is wonderful and I wish more places gave it the respect it deserves. You should learn to cook a dynamite version for yourself and guests so everyone can enjoy it.
        It's part of America's story.

        1. This was what "steak" meant in our house, for the most part - round or chuck steak seasoned and floured, then pounded with the edge of a scalloped-edge plate to tenderize it, then fried. Sometimes Mom made gravy, sometimes not. At some point in my early teens I was introduced to REAL steak, at a meal that deserves its own story sometime, and shortly thereafter I learned that Mom's steak had its own name when purchased elsewhere. I already knew that it had its own charms...

          It was fairly common in the South when we lived there, and there are occasional burst of inquiry about it on the LA Board, with various correspondents listing their local favorites.

          1. I LOVE it and always have to FORCE myself to pass it up on menus... to me Chicken Fried Steak (With country gravy) is pure happiness. :)

            1. I LOVE CFS. It is a once or twice a year treat. Cracked pepper cream gravy is an absolute must.

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                I never see this in Canada, but I've always enjoyed it when I've had it in the US. The only thing that can bring it down is if the country gravy has the consistency of glue; as long it's creamy, I think it's great.

              2. CFS is one of my favorite meals, though I rarely eat it- maybe once or twice a year. I request it for my birthday meal frequently.
                Living in Texas I have some definite opinions as to what it IS and what it ISN'T. I can't hardly stand to see what places like Deenies call CFS, with the gelatinous meat-like product, cracker meal, and brown gravy.
                There used to be a place in Huntsville, Tx. called The Feed Store that had awesome CFS. You could order a whole or a half- a whole being a steak that hung over the edges of the plate about an inch.
                Best is home made though- served with mashed potatoes, gravy, pinto beans, yeast rolls, and pecan pie for dessert.

                1. There was a restaurant in Oklahoma called Pete & Re-Pete's. (Pete had a son named Pete. It may still be in business, I'm not sure.) Their chicken fry was the house speciality so much so that no one really ordered anything else from the menu. Pete's set the standard and I have never found any better. As other posters have mentioned, most restaurant chicken frys are frozen from Sysco with canned gravy. Truly dreck. After years of practice at home, I am now getting close to making a chicken fry as good as Pete did. As to your question, you're more likely to die from bad spinach than the culinary effects of a great chicken fried steak...

                  1. the best chicken fried steak i have ever had was from Buck Owens Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, CA. Bring a friend, the steak covers the whole plate and is definately enough for two.

                    1. The Black Eyed Pea in Dallas serves an outstanding CFS. Use to be a place in Addison, TX, the Pinto Bean that served a huge CFS plus 3 sides, cornbread muffin and yeast rolls for $3.95. It was less than a mile from the plant I managed and if we didn't eat there at least once a week something was wrong. Being from Texas, I have a really hard time finding a good CFS outside of there. Currently live in CA and CFS here is non-existant.

                      1. Oh, man. CFS with cream gravy or biscuits with sausage gravy. To die for & you can barely find either one in California. Justification enough to load up when I visit Ohio or Oklahoma.

                        1. My mom made the best...with mashed potatoes for dinner, hashbrowns and eggs if we had it for bkfst. If we go out for bkfst, and it is on the menu, I order it. I have to add some hot sauce to the gravy.

                          1. CFS is a dish that brings a tear of joy to my eye - love it! HAS to be served with cream gravy though - requested it once for my b-day and got it with brown gravy - had to hide my disappointment :-( One recent Sunday on the couch got the craving and made it with mashed potatoes, biscuits and greens - perfect end to a perfect lazy day - gained at least 2 lbs!