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Nov 10, 2006 04:05 PM

Italian Restaurant in Park Slope / Downtown Brooklyn (for Parents)

Hello. My parents are meeting my girlfriend for the 1st time and I wanted to take them to a nice Italian restaurant in the Park Slope / Downtown Brooklyn area. I was thinking Al Di La, but I'm not sure if they can tolerate the wait. They are both native New Yorkers, the type who love Areo in Bay Ridge, and I need to find a great, but comfortable atmosphere. I'm trying to suggesr a less expensive restaurant with a menu that is heavy on either Italian food or seafood(they are Southern Italian, which is another reason I'm hesitant to go to Al Di La). This would be for tonight, so a restaurant with a no reservations policy is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. In true Downtown Brooklyn, Queen's a winner and you probably don't need a reservation tonight. I'd call to check.

    The real champ is Noodle Pudding on Henry in Bklyn Heights but you would encounter a wait there. Plus, it's a bit removed from the core of Downtown Brooklyn.

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      Yes, Queen is what you want. You'll have no trouble getting a table and the food is very good. There are more southern Italian dishes on the menu than Al Di La although they offer northern dishes as well. All told you'll pay 10%-15% more than Al Di La but the convenience of being able to walk in and get an immediate table makes it worth it. Oh yes - unlike Al Di La which basically offers picnic table seating Queen has well spaced tables.

    2. You could try La Lunetta or Porchetta Both on Smith Street.
      Good Luck!With the big meeting....

      1. You can still go to Al Di La and eat at their wine bar around the corner. The menu is the same but the problem is that there is really no atmosphere at the wine bar. It's just really basic and nothing like the main restaurant. The other possibility in Park Slope is Brooklyn Fish Camp (not sure though how it compares in pricing to Areo) but with a no reservations policy, you'll also get a wait there.

        Good luck with the first parents' meeting!

        1. a few more to consider -- Fragole on Court Street between Carroll and 1st Place, or Savoia or Caserta Vecchia on Smith. All have good Italian fare, are on the less expensive side, and should be accessible with a reservation (or short wait).

          1. Fragole in Cobble Hill is a great parent place sort of between the places you are looking at. My parents love it. Low key and not much of a wait if you go at a decent time.