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Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies in Red Hook

Has anyone tried these? Are they worth all the press they receive? I'm thinking about trying one for Thanksgiving.

I'm especially intrigued by the Swingles (chocolate-coated frozen tart on a stick).


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  1. These things are good.
    And half the fun is going to Red Hook to buy them.

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      FYI, you can get them at some retail outlets: http://www.stevesauthentic.com/locala...

      I live 2 neighborhoods away, but even I find it too much trouble to get to the factory. I get mine at Los Paisanos.

    2. im not a huge key lime pie fan but i consistently order it for dessert whenever i go to pete's ale house on atlantic. they always have a fresh pie available for dessert...unlike 2nd street cafe in park slope which had a pretty nasty old pie that they served me recently after my brunch there.

        1. I love key lime pie and have had many in Florida. But Steve's Authentic is my favorite. He uses real key limes from Mexico and the pie is silky smooth, just the right tartness without being too sweet or tart, and the graham crust is just right. There's no better key lime pie out there.

          1. Thanks guys! I think I'm sold. I'll probably head to Red Hook this weekend to check them out.

            1. FYI, they are also sold at the Park Slope Food Coop and some other retail outlets

              if you like lime pie, these are great

              1. We ordered Steve's individual pies for my rehearsal dinner (two years ago yesterday) to go with our catered Daisy May's Barbeque. Outrageous!

                1. Where is this place located?

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                  1. Am I missing something here? The price is $79.00 for a 10-inch pie? I know they are great but what kind of price is that?

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                      Yeah, but the real deal is 3 for $119...

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                        That's for pies being shipped (in a cooler), overnight express. Still, it's expensive...

                        You can buy them at their bakery for about $25.

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                          It is expensive. They have a large pie and a medium (don't remember the exact sizes or pricess); But the medium is much more expensive per serving. I've gone to their Red Hook place twice and both times had to buy two mediums because they didn't have the large. It was annoying and they weren't apologetic or nice about it. I think the pies are good, but they don't make me swoon

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                            Prices at bakery are $18 for 10 inch and $14 for 8 inch, they're actually cheaper at Los Paisanos

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                              Wow, that sounds a bit more like this planet...so they get $18 at the bakery for 10 inches but for the same pie shipped it costs $79! Glad I live in NYC in case I develop an addiction.

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                                I stand corrected. It's $25 for it to be delivered to your door via their "Pie Pool" in the 5 boroughs and suburbs.
                                $14-18 is more like it.

                        2. These pies are fantasic, even if you don't generally like Key Lime Pie. (I usually find it too tart, or too something.)


                          1. How can real key limes be from Mexico? I thought they were grown on the keys off of Florida and that's how they got their name?

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                              According to an article I read somewhere about Steve and his pie making history, he used to buy them from Florida but then for some reason (I forget why) it got more difficult to get them from Florida and now he gets them from Mexico.

                            2. Make sure they are open. check their website. In the past they were only there during the week before 3. or something like that.

                              The switch to Mexico was probably price. Key and Mexican limes are the same. They are different from Persian which is what you get in the typical super market.

                              If you like citrus, while in Red Hook go to LeNell's liquor store and get Fee's Lemon Bitters.