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Nov 10, 2006 03:55 PM

Restaurant Suggestions for Thanksgiving? - Greater Seattle

New to the board, but not to the area.

Our family has never done Thanksgiving "out" before (except when traveling). I'm not even sure how common it is for restaurants to be open on Thanksgiving.

Any suggestions for a restaurant in the Seattle area for T-day? We are leaning towards seafood and not the traditional turkey dinner, but any suggestions appreciated.


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  1. my family has established a habit of eating chinese on thanksgiving both to give thanks for having it available (america is a wonderful country...) and to avoid the horrendous crowds at the turkey palaces. after many years in the industry, i can assure you that it and mother's day are the worst days of the entire year for dining out. seafood, however, is an excellent idea but check to make sure your restaurant of choice is not trying to confuse their staff by adding the dreaded bird to its otherwise piscine offerings.

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      Howard, I think most local restaurants should close on Thanksgiving and Christmas so the staff can enjoy the holidays as well. Since many Chinese restaurants ignore Thanksgiving, I think it offers an excellent option for dining out. (And I think I would rather have Szechuan Dungeness crab that dry, steam-table turkey and tasteless vegetables.)

    2. Try Open Table's list. Many of those listed are doing non-traditional selections:

      1. The Seattle Times put together a great list with notes on what to expect at each restaurant.