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Nov 10, 2006 03:47 PM

Dinner in Pacific Palisades

Is there anywhere in Pacific Palisades, that is not terribly overpriced, where I can find a comfortable meal this evening?

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  1. it depends how picky you are + what you want and what is overpriced---

    1. We're not picky eaters, but one person in our party abhors noisy restaurants. I guess no more than $20 an entree.

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        in all honesty i can't recommend a great place in town. Rantoit is correct below but haven't been to Modo myself.

        You may like Tivoli-- pasta/pizza/salads/entrees. it is a neigbborhood place. but there really isn't much in PP, esp. for dinner

      2. In the village Modo mio is very good italien .
        do not go to pearl dragon for sushi ....Dante's in the village is not as good as Modo mio, but may be ok. Beech street is a pata pizza sit down a little more casual.. but can be noisy although they do have a little outdoor patio. if you want healthier food in a very casula sit down eniron. try Cafe Vida. Very good creative healthy food, but very casual . Ala Tarte is a french place which I never know their hours but would be a nice quiet place with decent reasonably priced food if they are still do in a dinner service.

        In the highlands Area up the hill there is Hidden cafe which could work not great service ever, but the food is decent. and
        at the bottom of the hill is Lucias which is Ok or moogans which is never realy busy but very casual .

        othrwise , Giorgio's on west channel, or Brass CAp which is really tasty , although may be against you noise issue...don't remember if it was noisy...But I definitely enjoyed the food! or you could go with Marix mexican ..
        hpe that helps

        1. Modo Mio.

          Or, drive into the Canyon and eat at Brass Cap - in the bar area

          1. ..."comfortable meal"...

            Try reserving a Booth at Dante. It is an o.k. neighboorhood Italian restaurant that will(should) be quite. I haven't been in 5 years, but if my memory banks are working, they divided the Restaurant into 2 seperate rooms and you want the more formal room on the Eastside. Families with (noisey?) kids tend to dine in the Casual room.

            1032 Swarthmore Ave.
            (310) 459-7561