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Nov 10, 2006 03:24 PM

Good Eats in the Loop?

Hello all,
I am going to Chicago on Business, and will be stuck downtown without a car. I will be at the Palmer house on the corner of E. Monroe and State. Any good food that I wouldn't need to justify when I turn in receipts (resonably priced). A decent steak house would be great, but open to anything!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. OK, as should be expected, I am no longer staying at the Palmer (but will still be in that area for business). for a savings of $150 a night, I am now staying at the Holiday Inn City Center on E. Ohio and N Fairbanks Ct.

    Again, any advice is appreciated.

    1. See the above post about the Oasis Cafe. I also like Trattoria #10, at 10 North Dearborn, though it's not our best Italian - you'd have to go to Spiaggia for that (north of the river, where your hotel is) Cafe Spaiggia is Spiaggia's more casual sister - also excellent. I have liked Vivere, the haute-Italian place in the Italian Village (in the Loop), in the past, but a recent dinner there, while good, failed to wow us. A short cab ride away from the Loop will take you to Blackbird and Meiji, both right next to each other in the 600 block of west Randolph. Both are open for lunch weekdays, and dinner most evenings. Blackbird is excellent contemporary American cuisine, and Meiji is our best Japanese restaurant (IMHO). Both have had erratic service lately, but the food is so good, I forgive them.

      Oh - how could I forget? Heaven on Seven, in the Garland Building (111 N. Wabash) is a Chicago institution - a former 7th floor coffee shop that started serving Cajun food about 25 years ago, and has never looked back. Go early (11:30) though, or you'll be standing in a long line down the hall. Though it isn't the country's best Cajun food by any means, it's still good, and a hoot to eat at. I do love their gumbo.

      1. The above choices are good, but a pretty good place for steak, and quite a few other things, is Miller's Pub, right nextdoor to the Palmer House on Wabash. It's a bit touristy, but is also popular with Chicagoan who work in the Loop. If you don't like sports bars (a different game on each of many tv's) you probably wouldn;t be happy there,

        1. Smith and Wollensky, Keefers, and Dave Burke's are all very good steakhouses within walking distance from your hotel, but, they can all get a little pricey ($40-50 for a steak with no sides). Wildfire is much more reasonable, maybe a 15 minute walk or short cab ride away. 159 w Erie.

          There is a good sushi restaurant a few blocks south of the Palmer House on Michigan called Oysy if you are in the area.