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Nov 10, 2006 03:19 PM

good pub suggestions?

Does anyone have pubs to recommend?

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  1. My two favourites in town are

    The Wenlock Arms

    it is not to everyone's taste as it is a bit, er, grubby. However it consistently wins the CAMRA " Pub of the Year Award" and is well worth a visit

    In Clerkenwell, I like The Jerusalem Tavern ( Britton st - I think ) which serves St Peter's organic ales.

    The majority of the pubs in the West End are to be avoided, I think being no more than delivery systems for expensive pissy larger to kids.

    Try to head for the neighbourhoods. There are excellent pubs in Hampstead, Putney, Richmond etc etc

    it is also worth perusing a copy of The Good Beer Guide in a local bookshop for help too


    1. Our favorites include:

      The Lamb (Lamb's Conduit in Bloomsbury)
      The Eagle (Farringdon Rd, Clerkenwell)
      The Lamb and Flag (Covent Garden -- go for Sunday night jazz, no cover)
      The Dog and Duck (Frith St in Soho)
      The Seven Stars (Holborn)
      The Market Porter (Borough Market)
      The Churchill Arms (Kensington Church St)
      The Dove (Hamersmith Bridge)
      The Bishop's Finger (Clerkenwell)
      The Grenadier (Knightsbridge)

      1. the wenlock arms is fantastic.

        holloway (eburne road): the swimmer at the grafton arms
        central (st.giles high street): the angel
        east (curtain road): the barley mow
        east (paul st): the fox
        north (newington green road): the alma

        1. It's a little bit broad of a question, but if you're looking for a cute and interesting pub that might be what you imagine a pub to be like (nooks and crannies), check out the Windsor Castle in Notting Hill...

          1. I find this site invaluable when I am looking for a decent pub in any part of London


            Their take on things is not always the same as mine ( I think it is aimed at a slightly younger crowd ) but it is still a very good resource for visitors and locals alike