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Nov 10, 2006 03:16 PM

Saturday Morning Brunch

What's a good casual place to go to for a Saturday morning Brunch. I want to take my boyfriend out. I was gonna go to Plaza Flamingo but they don't serve brunch on Saturdays. Any suggestions?

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  1. Oh yeah...preferbly in the Downtown area.

    1. There are loads of brunch options downtown. One spot I like is Saving Grace on Dundas West - very casual and good food. If the tables are full when you get there, write your name on the chalkboard inside the front door and then hang outside. I often combine it with a walk through Kensington, which makes for a fun Saturday.

      1. Edward Levesque's Kitchen on Queen St. E. is Leslieville, beautiful and delicious. They do not take reservations for brunch, but the wait is not usually too long, open from 9 - 3 for brunch I think. It is also very good for lunch and dinner too.

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            Dear Abbey,

            I googled ( it for you:

            I googled "edward levesque's kitchen" and got this as my top hit:


            good luck with it.


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              perfect! thanks!! I just took a peak and it looks great! Have you ever been for supper or just brunch?

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                I've never been but a friend said it was decent. They said Barrio is the place to go tho for brunch in the hip Leslieville hood.


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                  yah Ive been to Barrio, and I do like it, so I guess theres no need for a change!

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                    My husband and I ate brunch at Barrio a couple of weekends ago. I ordered eggs benedict, and my husband ordered the waffles with fruit compote and lemon curd. OMIGOD! I almost died when I saw his waffles stacked high with mounds of whipped cream and lemon curd. I convinced him to share half and half, and I must say, I've been fantasizing about those waffles ever since, they were that good. (BTW, the eggs benny were really very good, too. No puddles of water...nice smooth hollandaise -- the best I've had in Leslieville.)

        1. I have been for brunch, lunch and dinner. I have enjoyed everything I have eaten there. I think that the brunch and lunch menus are the same - or similar, they have a large selection regardless. At dinner, there is not quite as much choice, but have always have great food - and always a nice amuse bouche to start. I cannot remember details of the wine list right now. The atmosphere is very nice, open kitchen in the front and a kind of semi-casual looking french kitchen in the back. There is always a wait for the brunch, unless you go very early, but the wait is never too long. There is also a great table at the back for large parties - difficult to get unless your timing is right or you reserve for dinner on Saturday night.

          1. I've been to Meggie's Grill at 174 Eglinton Ave West and it was really good. There's a location at 400 College near Bathurst. Highly recommended. Good food and nice atmosphere.

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              One place that I like is Hello Toast on Queen E and Greenwood. Small cute coasy place and the make the best Eggs Benny I have ever tasted. There is a line up sometimes to get in as its popular. And another favorite I absolutly love is on Queen East near Woodbine or at Woodbine (sheesh!) The Tulip. Nice big breakfasts, the mash potatoes with the gravy are an excellent compfort food to go with your breakfast instead of the hashbrowns on a cold winter morning.I shall not say more as I am getting so hungry here. Tour boi