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Nov 10, 2006 03:10 PM

Going to Armando's Again This Weekend -- What Topping to Get?

I'm heading to Armando's in Huron Village for the second weekend in a row. Last weekend I had a pepperoni pizza, but I'd like to try a different topping this time. Any recs? I hear their garlic pizza is good. Do they also have an eggplant topping?

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  1. Personally, I don't like Armando's eggplant. It's breaded and fried. I like just straight mushroom. It's not like it's a gourmet place with fancy toppings, so best to keep it simple. Mushroom and onion?

    1. Ooh, I have to say - the breaded and fried eggplant is a) how my momma fries her eggplant so it MUST be the proper way and b) the only proper way to serve it on a pizza in my opinion. Armando's if memory serves me, cuts the eggplant pieces very thin, which is essential for this cooking method - otherwise they get soggy with oil when cooked.

      I would suggest you try the combination of pepperoni and eggplant - when the pizza place has the breaded/fried eggplant, the mix of the two is of my favorite combos. People have scoffed about this before trying, but I have not met anyone who has not enjoyed the pairing.

      1. i'm a simple woman. i live and die by their spinach sicilian.

        1. Hmmm, maybe I'll get a small eggplant and pepperoni, with a side of spinach Sicilian. I can't wait!

          1. Meatball and mushroom combo does it for me at Armando's. I agree with marinade-- this is just a corner pizza joint so don't overthink it...