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Nov 10, 2006 03:10 PM

[Austin] Which restaurant do you patronize the most?

Mine is Quality Seafood. I've probably been there 50 times over the past two years now.

Second most is T&S Seafood. I used to go really often, like once a week but slowed down because I didn't want to become tired of it. I've probably been there 25 times over the last three years.

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  1. Las Palomas for dinner.

    1. Galaxy Cafe at Brodie/Slaughter. Its close to my home and its easy to go there for a Saturday or Sunday brunch time meal and read the paper.

      1. Jim's, at 183 and Burnet. Breakfast for lunch is a good option. Burgers are good. Prices are good. Pleasant place to stretch out and read the paper.

          1. Our two favorites:

            (1) Flores Mexican Restaurant on the corner of William Cannon and 290/71 (near the 'Y').
            (2) Green Mesquite at corner of 290 and 71 (again at the 'Y').

            Manditory favorite is Gattitown at corner of 290 and 71 because that's where we meet for lunch each Monday for our Rotary Club meeting.

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              Gattitown? Oh, the humanity!

              Chowhounds, what happened to our mission of searching out deliciousness?