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Irish breakfast at that place on Smith St...

I can't remember the name, it used to be called Smithwick's, and now it's Slainte I think? Has anyone had their irish breakfast? We are thinking of doing that this weekend...

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  1. I don't know about the breakfast specifically, but I think the name is Ceol now.

    1. Yes, that's what I meant, Slainte is in manhattan...not talking about a breakfast special, talking about irish breakfast, which is a thing to be reckoned with! In any case, I will try it out and post about it...

      1. Chip Shop on Atlantic does a full English breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays that I'm a big fan of.
        Please let us know if Ceol's is worthwhile!

        1. I've tried the Irish breakfast, and the bacon is "real" thick slab Irish bacon. Personally, I prefer "American" bacon with my B'fast, but others I know who like their bacon meaty said that Ceol's is quite good. Otherwise, fairly basic. They used to serve unlimited drinks with their brunch for $15 but I think people started to take advantage and they stopped:(

          1. I was just there this weekend-- it's a serious Irish breakfast (slab Irish bacon, sausage, two kinds of pudding-- which were really good, eggs, mushrooms, roasted tomato) and I think it was $9. Only downside is no beverage is included like most places do for a brunch special, and the coffee seemed weirdly expensive (just like Ireland, actually). The Irish soda bread that's served to the table is also not great, although I still managed to have a couple of pieces. But it's definitely a hearty, and tasty, brunch.

            1. Hi Irina, I went on Sunday. I really liked the black pudding! Anyway, yes, it's 2 eggs however you like them, irish bacon, which is similar to ham, 2 sausages, black pudding, white pudding, a grilled tomato (very lightly grilled, it still looked raw), fried potatoes (as someone else pointed out, they were like deep fried homefries) and the irish soda bread with homemade jam. I thought that in general everythign was very good and fresh. The price for us was $11, and I was expecting a drink to be included, but it wasn't. Still, it's a lot of food for $11. Had a nice bloody mary with it. The real star of the show is the space though, the back room is so pleasant and cozy, and they lit the gorgeous fireplace while we were there. All the staff were very gracious and encouraged us to hang around as long as we wanted to. I'm looking forward to trying some shepard's pie or bangers and mash next time around. I will certainly be coming back, and hope to catch a traditional session there soon. Based on my experience, I do recommend Ceol, my friends and I all really enjoyed it.

              1. We are recent fans of the Ceol Irish breakfast experience. I've had Chip Shop's and it's not bad, but the atmosphere of Ceol and the deliciousness of their puddings is what makes it for me. I feel like it's our new secret breakfast spot, though the coffee could be better, but this is a small complaint.

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                  Oh good, I'm glad you enjoyed it too. That back room is so COZY! Very friendly staff too. In this cold weather it would be a good destination, esp with a fire in that big, fabulous fireplace.

                2. I'm a big fan of the Irish Breakfast. I want to check this place out - where on Smith is it?

                  I know of a pretty good Irish breakfast in Tribeca if you're ever looking in that neighborhood. It's at a bar called South's on Church and Franklin. The owner is from Limmerick and they do the full thing-rahsers, puddings, eggs, beans, potatos, etc. (no soda bread, though) for $9, and you do get a drink. they have pretty good bloody marys as well. be prepared for the atmosphere, though. it's not bad, but it's definately a bar, and rather dark in the back where the tables are. great neighborhod place in an area that in general is lacking that sort of thing.

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                    Mrs. Jones, it's around Degraw maybe, somewhere in there. South's sounds like a slightly better value though. I don't think Ceol had beans but otherwise, the whole nine yards.

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                      It's on the corner of Smith and Warren, across the stree from Rite Aid

                  2. Ceol is a pretty nice bar in general too - bfast aside. have to say tho, i am completely interested in hitting them up for the breakfast now. cant wait. do they offer it daily do you know?