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Nov 10, 2006 03:02 PM

Good Takeout Rye/Portchester

Hey all,

I'm looking for some good food for takeout. Sick of the regular takeout scene of pizza, asian food. Looking for a nice, hearty meal, but not Panera Bread or whatever that place is called. Any recommendations? You guys give the best foodie advice. Thanks!

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  1. Price is no object? I would imagine any of the plethora of Brazilian/Caribbean/other restaurants in Portchester do takeout.

    As does T&J (I think it is) Italian Restaurant on Westchester Ave. As no doubt does Piero's for Italian in PortChester.

    How about Willett House?

    I have gone to Lupita's Deli and Turkish Meze in Mamaroneck and been very happy with the takeout.

    I bet Sunset Grille does takeout as well, but they are in White Plains.

    1. I know that most (probably all) of the Latino places do a usually brisk business in takeout, eg. Misti, Pantanal, Inca y Gaucho. Also Q for barbecue.

        1. Old stomping grounds for me....some of my faves that are still around (for Take-Out):

          Kellys Sea Level
          413 Midland Ave
          Rye, NY 10580
          (914) 967-0868

          Kellys - good for pub grub. Get the fries with chili and cheese. Excellent burgers, etc. Nice menu overall.

          Edgeland Deli
          77 Midland Ave
          Port Chester, NY 10573
          (914) 937-3804

          Edgeland - best heroes around there (lunchtime). I'd suggest stick with the hot menu items.

          Hubba (fka, Pat's Hubba Hubba)
          24 N Main St
          Port Chester, NY 10573
          (914) 939-7271

          Hubba - greasy spoon. Decent chili though. That's the lure. Texas dogs, fries, etc.

          Tarry Lodge Restaurant
          18 Mill St
          Port Chester, NY 10573
          (914) 937-3070

          TLR - good food and extensive menu (moreso than previous recs).

          Acuario Restaurant
          137 Irving Ave
          Port Chester, NY 10573
          (914) 939-7090

          Acuario - rave reviews from many on this board. Excellent Peruvian, so they say. I'm sure they'll do take-out for you. Call in advance to find out.

          **** These recs all veer away from pizza or asian cuisine. It's "simple" take-out food.

          1. Tarry Lodge...R.I.P. The place had a fire (last year?) and was auction off about a month or two ago.

            Try Purchase St. in Rye: Rye Country Store (pasta & wild mushroom salad my fav, plus their chocolate chunk cookies), June & Ho (soft shell crab sandwich when in season, nice high end salads & sandwiches), even Cosi.

            I know you said you are sick of the same old Italian food, but don't write off Frank's on Putnam Ave. in PC. Skip the pizza if you're bored, but try any pasta with their vodka sauce (like the lobster ravioli), or a wrap or the salad with gorgonzola & craizens. Good chicken & veal dishes too, and I believe the deliver. Don't miss the garlic balls!

            Check out Costo in PC as well (upstairs), people rave about their rotissorie chicken. They also have prepared entrees and huge salads, and a giant shrimp cocktail platter for $9.99.