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Nov 10, 2006 02:53 PM

First Ave Bagels: David's or Ess-A?

My two brothers (Orson W. and Lurker W.) live in Stuy Town/PCV. One prefers David's, one prefers Ess-A.

As I live in the hinterlands of Virginia (where we actually have some pretty good bagels, baked by ex-New Yorkers), I always request some NY bagels when they come visit. I generally ask for Ess-A, since I've had those more and like them a lot. But should I be asking for David's instead?

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  1. A fairly subjective question, since they're both excellent. I think you owe it to yourself to request David's next time to see what you're missing.

    I prefer David's, which is a bit more ... "common."

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    1. re: Mazzer

      Aren't there 2 David's on First Avenue? Are they the same? Is one better?

      I'm an Ess-A fan, but I've seen David's recommended several times on this board.

    2. Must be Essa. On my way to buy some this afternoon. Absolute best!Yum. Yum. Forget David's - these are real NYC!

      1. Tal Bagels on 1st & 54th is also excellent.

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        1. re: tbear

          I like Tal bagels and they have great white fish salad but you have to watch what they charge you EVERYTIME at both locations that I USED to frequent.

          I have not had David's but I also love the spreads and salads at Ess-a... bagels need to be scooped out there though, at least for me, but they are tasty.

        2. I've tried both and I'm a diehard Ess-A fan - I miss them so much when I'm away from home in Chicago...

          1. I love Ess-A. So huge, I always have to share :)