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Nov 10, 2006 02:45 PM

Halifax: Westin Restaurant

Has anyone eaten at the Restaurant at the Westin? I believe it's called Elements. I need a place for a family dinner (adults and teens) this weekend and some of the family members are staying at the Westin, so I wondered about just eating there.

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  1. Having eaten at the Westin, and knowing your close proximity to both Cafe Chianti and Tomasino's (they are both right across the street) I would recommend that you go to either of them rather than the hotel restaurant. There is also an indian restaurant very close by (Taj Mahal maybe?)

    1. I love Cafe Chianti, but it might not be the best choice for a "family dinner" -- I think of it as a great date restaurant, but not necesarily a place for kids. The same kid problem would probably apply to the Taj Mahal and other nearby places like Bish and Hamachi. Tomasino's might be more fun for them.

      My only experience with the Westin has been with catered events and it has been perfectly OK hotel food. Can't comment on Elements.

      1. Hey, thanks for your responses. They seemed to confirm my apprehensions about going to the Westin. However, in the end it was taken out of my hands. The "immediate proximity to the Westin" clause for this meal was lifted and one of the other members of the family made a reservation at Seven. All went well and it was nice to feel like the out of town members of the family got to see that the Halifax restaurant scene can have a bit of pizazz.