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Nov 10, 2006 02:45 PM

Addis Red Sea

Hey guys,
This is a spot we never see mentioned much on the board, but I know a few folks who have gone and have loved it. Any thoughts? I've never been either and don't know much of what to expect (except no silverware and sort of an Indian-ish bent to the food) Is that right? Any insights on what to order, or on the experience in general? Thanks.

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  1. I personally really like this place, though the late-lamented Fasika was more authentic Ethiopian. I guess you could say some of the spicing is reminiscent of Indian, but it's really its own thing. It's a pretty, romantic space, with surprising prices (i.e., pretty cheap) for the South End.

    I tend to skip appetizers and go directly for the little scoops of stew eaten with injera (table-sized, spongey, sourdough flatbread, an eating utensil and neutral starch in one). Favored vegetable dishes: yesmir wot (fiery lentils), mittin shuro wot (ground split-pea stew), butecha (a bit like thick hummus), gomen wot (sauteed collard greens) and atakilt (reminiscent of a mild Indian vegetable curry). Meats: doro wot (fiery chicken stew), yegeb alcha (lamb in turmeric sauce), kitfo (like a spicy steak tartare).

    I like to drink Ethiopian beer with this food. The honey wine (Axum) is worth trying, too.

    1. I'm suprised that this place doesn't get mentioned more also. It has certainly withstood the test of time in Boston for an ethnic restaurant. Not sure how long they have been open, but I've enjoyed my visits throughout the years.

      1. Second that. I love this place and it has been too long since my last visit (wife is scared). On my first visit I was completely enamored with the injera (exactly as MC describes)I find this a fun dining destination and while it can be romantic, it's also great for groups. Its actually an intersting experience as well, you sit on low stools and eat off a rattan/ wicker table on which the large platters are served. I tend to think of the cuisine as hearty and savory comfort food. Thanks for the reminder, I need to move Addis back into my regular circulation.

        1. I third that. Delicious, healthy food, friendly people working there, and a slightly sultry, yet low-key atmosphere. As you mentioned, however, you don't use silverware there, so it might not be for everyone, since some people may be weirded out by that (maybe not a good place for a 1st date!).

          As much as I like Addis Red Sea, I'm constantly kicking myself that I never made it over to Fasika...

          1. This is a very old (from 2002) and very long post, but it's a pretty good overview of a great meal we had at Addis, and also some interesting side-notes on injera. Unfortunately, haven't been back in the last couple of years, I'll have to rectify that soon.