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Nov 10, 2006 02:40 PM

Christos Steakhouse questions

Has anyone been there since the renovation? I'm also curious about the lounge... Full bar? a nice place to have a drink before dinner? As is occasionally noted, it's far from a given in Queens that you can combine a place to have a cocktail and a nice dinner...

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  1. I've been there. It's not that different than before, the bar area is extended, if I recall correctly.

    The main difference is that they don't let you smoke in the back room anymore....It's a sad time when Astoria starts following the smoking ban laws, but it's happened to the best of them.

    You have to ask specifically for that yummy apple crumb dessert, I don't think it's on the menu anymore. Basically the same place as before with some minor revisions.

    1. Actually, I think it's quite different...more standard and therefore bland.

      meats are great as before but with the intrusion of a "food/restaurant consultant" they have chosen to forgo the unique Greek aspects of the menu that made it unusual for a top steak place. It also seemed a shame to change a number of wait staff.

      After trying it several times after the reno, it's been months since we've been back again. To me it's lost it's personality.