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Nov 10, 2006 02:35 PM

First time going to Locke-Ober

I'm going to splurge and take my mother to dinner at Locke-Ober for her birthday next week. I've done a search on the forum for general reviews. Can anyone recommend favorite dishes? I'm disappointed that hearts of palm are no longer on the menu!


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  1. I have never been (someday!) but from what I hear you can't leave this life without having tried the JFK Lobster Stew. It's offered as an appetizer.
    There's also the Lobster Savannah as a main that's supposed to be great.

    1. Locke Ober does a very good job with seafood. Its most famous dishes (including the Oyster Stew and Lobster Savannah) are seafood as well. Any of the seafood dishes should be great

      1. On the current dinner menu, I've had the lobster stew, very simple (lobster meat, milk, cream, butter, sherry) and very good, the roast whole cod, and the calf's liver. The lobster Savannah is an amazing-looking monster that I have not tried. My favorite here is on the lunch menu: roast beef hash with poached egg.

        Dress up, don't let the snobby service faze you, enjoy the lovely atmosphere.

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          Thanks everyone, it's great to get different opinions. As far as snobby service, I can't wait! I haven't had truly snobby service since dining at the Pillar House. Having kids really does put a cramp into your food budget and restaurant style.

        2. See if you can get a private dining room- we had a party of 8 last year there, and it was fantastic. The Lobster Savanah is to die for.