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Nov 10, 2006 02:28 PM

Worcester Dining Options/Newcomers

How is Catelanos, the new place near Harding St.? Any new places? Heading to see the family Thanksgiving.

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  1. I think the name of the place is Castellana's, and it's pretty good. We ate there several weeks ago and were impressed by the look of the place and their attitude: They're trying hard and mostly succeeding. The manager just received his sommelier's certificate, and he's very interested in helping patrons pair their food with wines. Our server was less than perfect, forgetting a number of items (like silverware), but the place was pretty good overall. I'd recommend it.

    Also give Block 5 Bistro a try -- it's on Green Street and has a nice urban feel. 111 Chophouse on Shresbury Street is really excellent, too.

    1. Thanks, we did Block 5 last year for my child's 14th b day. It was cold inside (May) on a rainy night. Too crowded but very good presentation. The taste did not wow me but a fun spot. Bustling and busy. After, we had dessert and drinks at a wine bar called SPQR (I think??) near/on Winter St. off Water. It's so cool how this old area I used to frequent as a kid on Sundays (to get bagels) has been rehabed. Wonderful.

      1. Castellana's is ambitious, and for the most part seems to be succeeding. The menu is what I guess you'd call "upscale, Italian-inspired food." It's kind of fun to think that the elegant dining area used to be the showroom for Patrick Motors.

        Another new(ish) choice is the relocated 86 Winter, no longer at 86 Winter St but now on Water St. It's an "American Bistro," and well-prepared comfort food is featured.