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Nov 10, 2006 02:23 PM

I've got to make (GASP!) marshmallow topped sweet potatoes

I know this is probably the most maligned "traditional" Thanksgiving side dish of them all, but my daughter, who rarely requests anything, has specifically asked for this item to take a spot on our holiday table. So, I'm looking for the best recipe you've come up with for this dish. Any suggestions?

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  1. My mother-in-law does this for her Thanksgiving dinner. Way too sweet for me, but I've survived this holiday dish and enjoyed it. She seems to get her recipe from a Charleston, SC cookbook put together by the Junior League of Charleston. I remember that she added pecans and sherry, which cut the sweetness a little.

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      That would be Charleston Receipts. I don't think I have it but will try to remember to look this evening. No luck googling for the recipe. Try your library?

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        yes, and don't forget some salt for balance.

      2. My favorite version is by Tyler Florence of whipped roasted sweet potatoes and bananas with honey. The texture is smooth with the crunchy pecan topping, although I did end up adding some more brown sugar and spices, because my family likes their sweet potatoes a bit sweeter. But if I added marshmellows, I probably wouldn't have needed the sugar. I just love the combo of the roasted bananas and sweet potatoes.

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          I made Tyler Florence's recipie last Thanksgiving. Some of my guests aren't big fans of sweet potatoes, and some didn't care for bananas. But the combination was a huge winner! Everyone loved it. I have one question, if by chance you may know about this.....Can this casserole be made in advance and frozen? I am very slowly recovering back surgery and the more I can get done ahead of time, the better. Normally I wouldn't freeze this, but under the circumstances, I need all the help I can get! Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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            Can anyone help me out with this recipe? I can't seem to get any recipes on the Food Network to come up on the site. TIA!

          2. hpw about making homemade marshmallows? But instead of letting them set up, pour it onto the sweet potatoes.

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              Had the same thought.

              Two cooks I talked to in the last year have made homemade marshmallows to use in gourmet s'mores (with homemade grahams and melted gourmet chocolate). Both said the marshmallows were only slightly sweet. Not supermarket sweet.

              Just this moment I recalled I had eaten Thomas Keller's FL s'mores and lo and behold
              here's a recipe for his marshmallows and how to make 'em and photos and everythin'.

              There's a stage in the prep when the marshmallows are a thick "batter" like frosting (the pics in the recipe show this well) and that seems an ideal time to slather the marshmallow batter on top of the yams in the pan. Or, assemble the aforementioned s'mores with a nice dollop of whipped thick marshmallow batter and drizzle that with melted dark chocolate.


            2. My husband insists on the marshmallows, too. The marshmallow topping is easy enough to remove if you don't want to eat it.
              I use tart apples and very little sugar, so the dish isn't overly sweet. I find that not mashing or whipping the potatoes makes the whole thing more like a side dish rather than dessert.

              Cut sweet potatoes into large chunks, boil or steam until done. Slice apples of your choice - I like Granny Smith - toss with brown sugar and (optional)cinammon to taste (pecans, too if you like the combo). Alternate with sweet potatoes, ending with potatoes on top. Dot with several tablespoons of butter. bake at 350 about 40 minutes. Top with miniature marshmallows - broil until browned to your (or your daughter's) liking.

              1. Alan, I learned a messy lesson several years ago when a daughter-in-law requested marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes. Do NOT cook this dish in the microwave -- marshmallows explode in there. Since I'd never cooked marshmallows before, I didn't know this. Never again. Love the DIL, don't care for this dish but will make it for her again.