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Nov 10, 2006 02:09 PM

Business Dinner Near Dundas & University

Entertaining clients. Nothing super fancy, maybe something on the level of a Le Paradis - atmosphere and price. Would be interested in French, Italian fare.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. hemispheres could be good if it's not out of your price range

    1. Midi bistro on McCaul at the corner of Baldwin is French and good.
      Not sure about the price range but Adega on Elm might fit your criteria.

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      1. re: hoagy294

        I second Midi Bistro. The quiche is homemade and you get a quiche (choice of a few), frites and salad for about $10. I have been a few times and everyone has always been pleased with food, service and ambience. Best to make reservations as the dining room is small and usually full.

        Adega is also good, mainly fish on the menu and a bit more expensive than Midi. Adega is the same owner as Chaido. Adega is also a bit further from the intersection of Dundad and University.

        Another option is La Bodega on Baldwin Street, west of McCaul. Not French or Italian as you requested but a nice place for a business lunch in the area.

        As for Italian, I don't recomment any of the places on Baldwin. Bocca used to be good but has gone downhill....all of us in the office agree on this.

        1. re: Romana

          I second Adega. The food and service is very good. The distance is the same from University & Dundas to Bay & Elm vs U&D to Baldwin & McCaul.

      2. That whole stretch on Elm has Adega, Oro, and a few other nice looking restaurants. I've been to Adega and Oro and I've been pretty happy. Bistro 990 is a bit further and pricier.

        1. For unique atmosphere at reasonable prices I would suggest the osgoode hall restaurant where one is surrounded by a library of legal texts, high ceiling with stained glass on all sides. The food was tasty when I went but there is not a large selection, dessert choice is included. Only drawback if one considers it a drawback is there is a security check like airport since law courts on site, and also the chairs are not very confortable. The place was full when i went had obviously some regulars along with tables of lawyers and businesspeople. It is not something that can be replicated and after if interested you can browse to admire artwork and beautiful library with impressive architecture/decor. As a tourist I found it a memorable place.

          1. Midi Bistro and La Bodega are great options. (Kornheiser said dinner, folks, not lunch!) Matahari on Baldwin, if your clients like Southeast Asian food.