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Nov 10, 2006 02:02 PM

3 nights, 4 days in Vegas-going to LOS, L'Atelier and Wing Lei, any other suggestions?

As above, dinners are taken care of (L'Atelier and Wing Lei on someone elses dime!).

Staying at the Venetian. Plan on at least two breakfasts at Bouchon.
Any other suggestions? Looking for other breakfast and lunch places as well as places to go after dinner (L'Atelier Saturday, Wing Lei Sunday, LOS Monday, all at 7:30).


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  1. No place is as good as Bouchon for breakfast, but there are still some very good choices. Go to Wynn Las Vegas and eat at Tableau or Country Club Grill - one for breakfast, the other for lunch. Tableau is a little more formal, and is the better of the two, but Country Club Grill is also very good.

    For lunch, if you want a big, big meal, Delmonico (Venetian) serves good steaks.

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      Thanks, maybe I'll see if I can get a drup rep to take me to Delmonico or Tableau :)

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        If you want to stay within the Venetian property, I agree about Bouchon for breakfast. It's our favorite, we always wind up there. I've begged them for the secret to their scrambled eggs but they aren't telling LOL.

        However, another one that isn't as well talked about in the Venetian is Pinot Brasserie. They also serve a mighty fine high-class breakfast and it's also a bit cozier and quieter than Bouchon. Prices are similar, service too. Make sure you sit in the back of the restaurant. We noticed last time we were there that there seems to now be some seating in the front to, I think they added a "to go" section - that is NOT the part I'm referring to.

        For more moderate breakfast, Grand Lux is quite good (yes, same people as Cheesecake Factory - don't worry, it gets high marks from a lot of people). Also, Tintoretto upstairs in the shopping area is very nice too. They even went out of their way to make a frittata for my husband and it wasn't on the menu.

        Also, if feeling lazy one morning - don't overlook room service. It's actually remarkably good food. My husband got sick the last time we were there and we had to unfortunately rely on room service more than we normally would care to. I was very impressed with the quality and variety. Venetian does sure aim to please :-)

      2. you might consider cafe ba ba reeba for lunch one day; it's in the fashion show mall diagonally across from the venetian. also, Red 8 at the Wynn is a more casual pan asian restaurant which does dim sum and is open at lunch; kind of an asian coffee shop. there is also a new pho restaurant as part of the treasure island's coffee shop....

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          What kind of food is ba ba reeba?

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            Heartily agree with the rec for Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for lunch. It's basically tapas, with other items such as pretty good small pizzas. We were there in July and really enjoyed our lunch at Ba Ba Reeba, our first time, and we are planning a reprise on our next trip the week after Thanksgiving. You don't have to go into the mall to get to it, as it fronts L.V. Blvd. right across from the Wynn. Another place we enjoy for lunch is Mesa Grill in Caesar's but that's probably too far from your conference.

        2. For breakfast go to the Verandah at the Four Seasons on a saturday or sunday. Amazing brunch buffett complete with hot freshly made-as-you-watch donuts.