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Best place to have lunch near Venetian?

Will be staying at the Venetian and attending a conference at the Sands Convention center tomorrow through Tuesday, what are my best bets for lunch within walking distance?


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  1. What kind of food are you looking for? Price range?

    1. Any kind of food, as long as it's chow worthy. Inexpensive (or at least a good value) if I'm paying, any price if I can get a drup rep to take me out.

      No mexican, unless it's amazing, since I live in San Antonio. Will be eating other meals at LOS, L'Atelier and Wing Lei.

      1. Delmonico offers lunch, you can view the menu online. The prices are cheaper but the quality and service are the same as dinner.

        1. We always have at least one meal at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba when we stay at the Venetian and it's always good. It's right across the street from the hotel in the mall and it's out front.

          1. Breakfast is best, followed by lunch which is vg (more so than dinner) at Bouchon in the Venetian... it's a bonus of staying at the Venetian... it's in the new bldg.

            1. Actually, the coffee shop at the Venetian is very nice. It's huge, doesn't look like your typical coffee shop and has an extensive menu, so everyone can find something they like. We liked it very much, and ate there more than once.

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                Isn't it run by the folks from Cheesecake Factory? I so, dosn't sound real appealing or chow worthy.

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                  Tintoretto upstairs in the Venetian shopping area (St. Marks Square) is pretty good and nobody seems to talk about it. They have great pizza actually. Also has a sit-down cafe - moderately priced sandwiches and regular italian type plates, good service and people watching. They also serve great breakfast. One of our favorites.

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                    Where did you hear that? That's news to me! Well, we ate there twice and did enjoy it and found it chow-worthy. To each their own I suppose!

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                      Yes, it's affiliated with the Cheesecake Factory. I ate there a couple of years back (I had some kind of burger) and what I remember most is the giant portions. I remember wishing I had ordered the warm chcolate chip cookies in advance...I think you need to give them 20 minutes notice. For whatever reason, I was really in the mood for cookies out of the oven.


                  2. From what I heard the "all day" rest. is run by Cheesecake Factory management, but couldn't call it Cheesecake Factory cause of contractual obligations, however it is very solid. VG for what it is and good for bkfst, a sandwich, etc... but Bouchon blows it away for breakfast. Great pastries at Bouchon and much more laid back than the hustle bustle of the coffee shop place.

                    1. Palm restaurant in the Fashion Show Mall has an excellent luncheon special.

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                        Technically the Venetian/Sands is catty-corner from the Fashion Show Mall and Cafe Ba Ba Reeba is in that mall.

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                          The Palm is at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.

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                            Duh - sorry. Yes the Palm is located in the Forum Shops at Caesar's.

                        2. Get a little taste of "old Vegas" - walk up the street about 200 yards to the Peppermill, and have a burger.

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                            I wouldn't recommend a burger at Peppermill. The one I had was grossly dried out and flavorless. Maybe stick with egg dishes there. But I'd head to Ba Ba Reeba in a second before the Peppermill. I want to like the Peppermill because the vibe is so great but the food was very lacking in our two or three visits.

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                              That is too bad, as I have had several burgers there, and all have been really good! I agree that it is by no means the best in town, but the atmosphere is certainly tops.

                          2. Bouchon for breakfast. Grand Lux Cafe isn't bad at all!

                            1. I'd go have the buffet lunch at Paris.