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Nov 10, 2006 01:02 PM

Need serious help. Family in town and they want to go to Mars 2112, ESPN zone or Jekyll and Hyde!

What's a girl to do?! I have some people in town this weekend and they aren't very adventurous eaters. But I just can't deal with going to any of these places and paying $30 for the most disgusting chicken sandwich in Manhattan. Not to be snobby, but that's way to much money for something so nasty.

Surely you've been in this boat and found a place that isn't quite as gross? Please help. Please.

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  1. Take them to the Brooklyn Diner on 57th and 7th. They will still get the NYC tourist feel without the garbage gimicks, however they will get amazing food.

    1. Or take them to the burger joint at the Parker Meridien Hotel. Let's not get into a debate about whether or not it's the best burger in NYC; the important thing is that it's a good burger and a crowd pleaser at $10/pp. I bring out-of-towners there all the time (describing it as my "secret" hamburger place; they never seem to get why my little secret is always so crowded!), and everyone always leaves happy.

      1. seems like they like theme restaurants. i work above Mars2112 and actually love that place (dude...$2 beers and video games...u can have some fun after work during happy hour). This weekend is supposed to be warm weather. try the shake shack and sit in the park for a nice meal. how about also Stage Deli? huge sandwiches / very touristy kitsch. PJ Clarkes on 55th and third ave for awesome burgers (their lobster roll on tuesday is solid). Is NY chinese too adventurous? If not...Shun Lee Palace...i'm sure they would like sweet and sour chix? general tso's...55th and lex. Houston's on 54th and 3rd is awesome...great burgers / steaks / ribs. There's also Bar Americain...bobby flay's restaurant on 55th btw 6th and 7th. i haven't read too many good things about their food but their bartenders are fabulous. i'm sure bobby flay's name cachet will impress ur visitors. There's a ray's pizza on i think 8th or 9th ave in the low 50s that's solid...Ted Turner has a place called i think ted's montana grill...think it's next to bar americain. del frisco's is awesome for steaks on 6th ave and 52nd i think...

        1. oh yea for a cool theme restaurant...they might like Ninja. I don't think the food is very good but it will be a fun time for them. i think it's in tribeca tho which is far from times square.

          1. I have done pretty well diverting my theme restaurant wanting out of town family and little cousins to Serendipity. It doesn't quite have a spaceship theme or anything like that, but its cute, has food for the non-adventurous, and no one is turning down a frozen hot chocolate.

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              good idea on serendipity. don't forget to mention it was in a john cusack movie. u can also stop by for candy at dylans candy bar. on 59th / lex across from bloomingdale's.