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Nov 10, 2006 01:02 PM

Turkish Delight

Has anyone ever made Turkish delight at home?

Is Rosewater the "essential" ingredient in it...or can i skip it?

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  1. I've not made it at home, but I definitely would not skip the rosewater - it is a very important part of the flavor of this candy.

    1. No - you do need it for it to taste authentic. You can find it at independent small grocery stores that carry Middle Eastern products, or with the flavorings in a gourmet-oriented grocery store.

      1. I agree. Without the rosewater it would just taste like a funny gummi bear.

        1. Rosewater is the flavoring agent, so if you don't use rosewater you would have to replace it with some other flavor. I am not sure what vanilla or orange or lemon flavored lokum would taste like. There is only one way to find out....

          1. You don't need rosewater unless you're making rose-flavored Turkish Delight. If you want some other flavor, leave the rosewater out - it'll overwhelm the other ingredients.

            My favorite flavor is pistachio.