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onion smell on my fingers all day

Who has the cure? Must fingers smell oniony after chopping? I've tried many soaps and even lemon juice, but the onion smell lingers.

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  1. Try storing the onions in the fridge. You won't cry as much and your fingers won't smell.

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      will the onions "taste" less as well as "smell" less?

    2. If you have a stainless steel sink, try rubbing your fingers on the sides of the sink. I dont know why this works, but it always has. If you dont have a SS sink, Crate & Barrel sells stainless steel bars (shaped like a bar of soap) for this same purpose. About $10.00, I think, but it lasts forever.

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        This also works with a clean stainless steel knife - if you are careful!

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          I bought one of the bars recently at BB&B and it actually works. Never thought it would, and seemed too gimmicky to me, but handling garlic makes me crazy and I cannot stand the smell that lingers on my fingers. Out of desperation I bought one, cheap and effective. And my pastry doesn't smell like garlic:>

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            I can't believe the answer was so close!

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              I don't understand how this works either. I saw it on Good Eats. You just rub your hands on stainless steel and garlic smell goes away. Since garlic and onions are related, it would seemingly work the same way.

              I always use the back of my chefs knife. Never have garlic hands. I don't ever recall having onion hands though.


          2. Baking soda and/or vinegar are tried and true deoderizers.

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              Now will the vinegar give me a new smell to get rid of!?

            2. Run your hands under hot water while rubbing stainless steel, it doesn't need to be anything specific but you could use a butter knife, a spoon, etc. and it instantly gets out garlic/onion smell, etc.

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                This works every time, and you don't have to buy anything! I always wash my knife after chopping onions or garlic, so I take care of two things at the same time.

              2. The best hand deodorizing tactic I've found (works with onion, garlic, seafood) is to scrub your hands with ordinary table salt under running water. Caveat: if you have any cuts on your hands, it'll sting. Bonus: since it sloughs off dead skin cells, your hands are left feeling softer and smoother.

                If you have a pervasive problem with post-cooking hand smells and you have fingernails that aren't closely-trimmed, that could also be the culprit; it's harder to get smells off of your hands if it's gotten under your nails.

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                  i do this too, and I also rub down my cutting board. I think it might even kill bacteria.

                2. Those who talked about rubbing your hands with metal are right -- I have this little gadget, called the "wonderbar" (linked below) that I keep by the sink, and after chopping garlic or onions, I rub my hands with it under running water and it works like magic.


                  1. If the dish involves tomatoes, chop garlic/onions first and then dice the tomatoes - your hands won't smell.

                    1. I use onion and garlic nearly every day in my cooking and can vouch for Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap--Kitchen Lemon (make sure it's Kitchen Lemon).

                      1. Salt, stainless steel, tomatos, and Bath&Body Works Kitchen Lemon soap. I'll try them all. Thanks everyone!

                        This should be taught in culinary school!

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                          Try ss method first. No buying anything you don't need that way.

                          Trust me

                        2. ...always wondered why my dad carried an old tube of Crest toothpaste in his fishing tackle box....turns out it deodorizes almost every strong smell on your hands. Works for me. The original flavor.

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                            toodie jane..my Uncle owns a marina..toothpaste is in every tackle box he owns!

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                              I still forget, until I see a tube a Crest. LOL

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                              Ah, Jane, you beat me to it! I was going to suggest a good rinse of the hands with mouthwash. Toothpaste is more convenient for working up a good lather.

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                                As I noted above, I have the "wonder bar" ($9.95 from Sur le Table), and it works. I don't know how it works, but it definitely works. No noticeable smell of any kind once I rub my hands with it after chopping garlic, onions, etc. It's some kind of metal, although it feels more like aluminum than steel due to its weight.