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Nov 10, 2006 12:25 PM

Fennel Soup

I love fennel, and I love soup. So, why not make fennel soup? Does anyone have a good recipe? -- (OR is this just gross?)

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  1. I make fennel soup - usually saute onions and fennel, add chicken broth, simmer, then puree in the blender. A little celery is nice as well - and it is lovely with some chopped fresh tarragon on top - could also add some cream or milk for added richness. Sometimes I make this with left over roasted fennel.

    1. I make this tomato fennel soup for family holidays and everyone loves it! I used canned tomatoes from Italy, but not ones with any added herbs. Also I use more than 1/4c lemon juice.

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      1. re: Kater

        I'm going to try a version of this this evening.
        But i have a question - I have a whole bag of fennel stalks, and only one bulb. Would it be worth my time to simmer a bunch of stalks in the chicken broth, then strain those out, and then add the sauteed fennel and tomatoes?

        1. re: mr mouther

          OK, so I put about 10 big fennel stalks ( a couple of small fronds still attached) into one can of lite chiken broth. I let it simmer for over 40 minutes, hoping to reduce the stock down and get it completely fennel-infused.
          Meanwhile I chopped up about one cup worth of fennel bulb and one cup worth of very sweet texas red onion and sautted that a little bit. added a can of whole skinned pomidori tomatoes and one fresh one.
          after straining out the fennel stalks from the broth i added the sauteed vegs into the broth and a little lemon juice. salt, pepper, blended etc.
          Garnished with fennel fronds.
          The thing is, there was almost no fennel flavor in this thing. In fact, it was superacidic - high tomato content and even the lemon overpowered.
          (served with toasted sourdough and a grilled cajunn sausage)

          I guess next time i'll have to use all fennel and no onion, and definitely a different style of tomato. probably all fresh since the season is returning

      2. The Epicurious recipe for Fennel-Saffron Compote would make a very nice soup if you added chicken broth or some other stock.

        I recently posted a thread about adding tomatoes and broth to the leftovers, which made a LOVELY soup! Definitely a repeat recipe - the compote is worth making just for this soup.


        1. One soup that has made the regular approved list is a french onion that is very heavy on fresh fennel to the point where it could be called fennel soup with onion. If I recall it came from a Donna Hay cookbook.