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Nov 10, 2006 11:18 AM

have you tried either of these pumpkin pie recipes?

I'm deciding b/w Rose Levy Beranbaum's Great Pumpkin Pie recipe, and Cooks Illustrated Best Pumpkin Pie recipe. I'm very interested in RLB's ginger/pecan crumb spread, but I wonder what folks have found about the mellower, less intense spicing? My family likes their pie pretty traditional.

I suppose another option would be to go w/ the spicing from Libbys or CI, and the recipe and technique RLB.

Have you tried either/both of these, and what has been the response?


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  1. The CI recipe is labor-intensive--stove-top, food processor, partially-baked pie shell--but it really is terrific. One of the best-tasting and best-looking (comes out this wonderful autumnal brownish-orange color) pumpkin pies I've ever made. I have to admit that pouring the hot mixture in and out of the food processor can be daunting (and MESSY!), but it's worth if you only make once a year.

    1. I second the recommendation for the Cook's Illustrated recipe - that is, if it's the same one as in The Best Recipe cookbook. This recipe is very traditional and extremely wonderful.

      That's my standard Pumpkin Pie, with an all-butter pie crust made with my "untouched by human hands" method (add very cold butter to the dry ingredients, put between sheets of plastic wrap, chill in the fridge, then roll and chill again, so the dough stays really cold). It's a fabulous pie!


      1. nut crusts are wonderful.

        give them something new to discover!

        1. I just took Rose Levy's Great Pumpkin Pie out of the oven (I'm in charge of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving with my in-laws so I thought I should practice!).I used Julia Childe's Pate Sucre pie crust (it's just my go-to; I'm sure Rose's is great too). I also added some grated fresh nutmeg since RLB's, as you mention, seems a little skimpy on the spices. She recommends canned pumpkin, but I've been into the sweet pie pumpkins lately so I roasted my own. Looks like I cooked the pie just slightly too long :( as it's not appropriately jiggly in the middle. Will have to report back on the taste, but the uncooked filling was awesome.

          1. I have made both of these pies and was very happy with the results of each. I tend to go back to RLB's, though, as the pure pumpkin flavor was a revelation to me. (I found the same thing with her pumpkin cheesecake, which does not have any spices and really lets the pumpkin flavor come through.) But you won't be disappointed with either recipe.

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              I will definitely have to try her pure pumpkin flavor. I have a 13 yr old who loves very trad pie, however, so I may stick to the regular spicing since this is her fav part of the Thanksgiving meal.

              I was also very curious that you don't need to prebake the pie crust with the nut/gingersnap spread. Did you notice the nut/ginersnaps or were they just an accent?

              Many thanks!