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Nov 10, 2006 10:12 AM

New York Style deli in Raleigh nc??

Ok is there a good one??One that serves a good Rueben and maybe Matza ball soup etc>????

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  1. Nope. This board has covered the subject a few times. You're dead out of luck. Sigh.

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    1. re: klmonline

      How can there be so many Yankees here now :) and NOT have a good deli? Horowitz's was pretty decent but has been gone 10+ years...

      1. re: MayberryBurp

        You'd think as many old people that hobble through Southern Season and the selection of meats and cheeses there.. that they'd have created a NY Deli section (their sandwiches are good) but they have tongue (yes I know it's Hebrew national). I say if they get anymore space to acquire that is exactly what they should do is make a New York Deli. I think it would do well in that location do to the foot traffic. Downtown Durham would work well too! It's just a huge risk down here. You have to keep the costs down but still provide a good product (without Boars Head). I mean it sounds like Farm to Fork/Table and a Jewish/NY Deli down here would go hand in hand.

        New York Deli
        1047 Murchison Rd Ste 110, Fayetteville, NC 28301

    2. Not in Raleigh, but since someone here once posted that they would drive to Charlotte for a good sandwich, some good news.

      New York Corner Deli in Surf City, Topsail Island, NC. Just under a 3 hour drive for an authentic NY Deli menu, and you're at the beach.

      Billy, the owner is from Hunt's Point, in the Bronx, where his family runs a deli. All his sandwich makings are shipped directly from Brooklyn and the Bronx.

      From their menu:
      Hot & Cold sandwiches, Deli Trays, NY Hot Dogs, Breakfast Served All Day, Meat by the Pound

      Fresh Sliced Deli Sandwiches
      Hot Pastrami
      Hot Corned Beef
      Kosher Salami
      Genoa Salami

      Rueben (Corned Beef or Pastrami)
      NY Steak Sandwich
      Meatball Parm
      Knishes from Brooklyn

      New York Corner Deli
      206 N. Topsail Drive
      Surf City, NC 28445
      (1 block north of traffic light)
      Sunrise to Sunset 7 days a week

      Also, if you're in Surf City, Long Island Pizza is just down the road with New York Style Pizza. The owner moved here from Long Island 14 years ago when real estate there got to expensive.

      Long Island Pizza
      610 North New River Drive
      Surf City, NC 28445
      910 328 3156

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      1. re: yvette

        Excellent! Thanks for the tip, Yvette.

      2. Hey thats cool
        I sold my place at Emerald isle last year for the same reason,,he probably will see the land getting too expensive me another reason to ease down there this winter my favorite time at the beach,,,havent been able to bring myself to go back to EI

        1. This is not a sandwich shop per se but it might be what you are looking for. It is called Conti's. Located in a small stip store front close to the Krispy Kreame on Peace Street and Person. They are actually on Person close to the trophy store and pharmacy. We had a pinini sandwich Saturday. Pretty good stuff. Worth checking out.


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          1. re: supernc

            I have had good sandwichs from Conti's.

            However, because of his unwillngness to make a sandwich other then his pre done skimpy overpriced pinnini, it involved, buying the meat, chease and bread from him (while avoiding Thurmans Brand meats that he sells) going ouside to my car and cutting the bread and making the sandwich my self.

          2. I get my corn beef rueben at this little bagel shop - New York Bagel on corner of Strickland and Falls of Neuse. It is near the Kroger store. Best bagel! I like my bagel in NYC and this is as good as it will get in Raleigh. They have many kinds of bagel made daily. Good spot for breakfast too. They also have good chicken salad and white fish salad. Tried them both and loved them. Also have deli meats and things but I just b-lined to my rueben so haven't 'tried those. Lots of local goes here. I love to keep this to myself so the line won't be too long. Looks like they are expanding into the building next door so maybe there will be more tables in the future. Cheers!

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            1. re: mayamama

              Can't agree on NY Bagel, unfortunately. I've tried them again based on comments from this board but I still wouldn't recommend them. As I've also said before, to some disagreement, I don't feel that Conti's cuts it.

              Nothing at all resembling Jewish deli in this burg, alas. My current enthusiasm is reserved for DaVinci's in Wake Forest. The deli meat is Boar's Head - pretty standard - but I wouldn't drive up there for sandwiches. It's a real NY butcher. Cuts his own meat, makes his own sausages, everything you used to get in the way of service but can't find anymore.

              I know it's not what you asked, OP, but maybe it'll help with a little taste of home.

              1. re: rockycat

                I would drive up to WF to go to Davinci's for a sandwich! In fact I've been dreaming about a ciabatta sandwich from there since I've become pregnant and the food nazis have ruled out deli meats from my diet. I highly recommend a visit, like rockycat says it's a butcher but they also have good sandwiches, slice the meat fresh for you and they have fresh breads. Also lots of marinated antipasto salads and such as well as Manhattan Espresso soda.

                See my review here, unfortunately no pics right now:

                1. re: panthur

                  Sounds yummy. If I ever go up that way again, I know what to look for.

              2. re: mayamama

                I went to New York Bagel today after seeing it here, and I doubt I'll go back. Okay sandwiches but really surly service. Everybody acted like they'd rather be somewhere else (and rather I had gone somewhere else, too).

                1. re: dbt001

                  That's authentic New York Service you are complaining about.

                  1. re: chazzer

                    And that's part of the reason that I won't ever be back, either. If that's "authentic", New York can keep it.

                    Other than that, I've either been there or had someone bring me something from there half a dozen times, and it's been wrong every single time.