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Nov 10, 2006 04:22 AM

Elf Cafe in Echo Park - So Tiny and Cute!

Just noticed the little place just doors away from American Apparel in Echo Park was finally open and took a quick peek inside. So cute! Looks like a tiny brasserie, couldn't seat more than 20-25. Very friendly staff.

I have to admit my heart sunk a bit upon learning that the menu was not only vegan/vegetarian, but mediterranean, not my favorite cuisine. Yet once I actually read the menu, my interest was piqued and I honestly look forward to trying this adorable new addition to the hood.

Some things I'd like to try:

Mediterranean Lentils: a crock of organic lentil with mushrooms and carmelized onions

Organic Kale Salad with avocado, hemp seeds and citrus seeds

Gorgonzola mac and cheese

Baked Tart with Sauteed Mushroom and Feta

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  1. Looking forward to checking it out. Was wondering when they would finally open that place.

    1. I love Elf Cafe! I could be a vegetarian if all vegetarian restaurants were this delicious.

      1. I went by at lunch and found out that they are open for dinner only, Wednesday through Sunday. Thanks for posting about this place, Suebee.

        1. Read the Daily Candy writeup yesterday, and decided to stop by for dinner last night. Everything: the vibe, the service, the ambiance/decor, the menu and the food was superb. Clean, healthy, whole food with a menu that's not overly contrived with fancy schmancy ingredients but shines on the strength of it's pure, simple flavor combinations. And the little details (like the water, filtered and infused with cucumber, and whole grain toasts with vegan potato garlic puree instead of bread basket) make the experience as enjoyably relaxing as eating in your own home, just waaaaaaay better. If i lived in the neighborhood I'd be there at least once a week.

          1. we went there last nite for sunday nite dinner. everything from the service to the food was amazing. they dont offer wine or liquor, so its byob with no corkage. we had a curried carrot soup, a kale salad w/ avocadom, and a potota gorgonzola tart. to finish it off, we had saffron pudding that was really exceptional. i am going to be back very soon. the place has a great vibe, not pretentious, and very neighborhoody. for vegetarians looking for someting difft, you should try this. im not a vegetarian, and i love this place alredy.