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Nov 10, 2006 04:12 AM

Anyone know where I can get braided mozzarella?

or scamorza cheese? does Russo's have it and im pretty sure Salumeria doesnt have it.

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  1. Fresh Cheese at 81 Edicott in the North End ((617) 570-0007. The braided Mozz is closer to fresh Mozz than what one would find in a supermarket and usually available where as the Scamorza is somewhat hit or miss, but phenomenal. I have gotten it there "fresh" where I have had it let to hang for a few days to let it dry. The scamoza is better suited toward use when you want a melted cheese.

    Ask for a sample of the Stilton with mango and ginger, I guarantee you will become a junkie.

    1. OMG, even though I live right around the corner from Purity? Fresh? I always call it the former...anyway, I haven't been in a few months. That Stilton sounds out of this world. Thanks for mentioning it!

      1. Tata,
        Find the best vanilla ice cream you can. Top it with shavings of the Stilton and drizzle it with with a fine well, aged and syrupy balsamic vinegar. It sounds odd, but you will never know what hit you. (I still think of them as Purity as well) Sorry for the OT

        1. Try TJ's. I saw it in the needham tj's just last night.

          1. The Butcherie in Brookline used to have it--don't know if they still do. On Harvard Ave; I'd call first.

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              so fresh cheese shop deffinatley has it?

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                It was there last Sunday in the refrigerated case that has Coke in it.