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Nov 10, 2006 03:23 AM

breakfast in DC?

hi. i'm here for the weekend and am looking for an inexpensive but good place to eat in the city. something unique would be nice. other than that, i don't have many requirements. not a chain would be nice; if it is a chain, local DC/VA/MD chains would be okay.


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  1. Luna is great- near DuPont circle as is Kramerbooks for breakfast (I'd skip the rest of their meals).

    1. Colorado Kitchen, 5515 Colorado NW. It's not near Metro (though you can get there by bus). It's widely praised on this board and justifiably so. Definitely unique, with fantastic food and homey atmosphere.

      Also unique is the Market Lunch at Eastern Market. It's an old-fashioned diner with communal tables inside a great farmer's market. Get the blueberry buckwheat pancakes. You will have to wait in line for a while, though; if you get sick of that, go across the street to Tortilla Cafe and have a breakfast burrito.

      1. I'm a fan of Kramers and Teaism.

        1. One place I been going to for breakfast lately is Fedo (the irish bar on 7th and H in chinatown) for the irish breakfast. Really a nice plate, 2 eggs, two patties of sausage, two links, 2 pieces of ham, 2 pieces of black pudding, two hunks of soda bread and beans (of the pork and bean fame). For $10.99, its really is great on a cold day. Now, only if I drank, I could chase that with a proper pint of guinness.

          1. Eastern Market on weekend mornings is a terrific destination easily reached by Metro. The lines at Market Lunch are awful on Saturdays so you can try the Salvadoran place across 7th Street as well.
            Also in the area is the Tune Inn, 300 block of Pennsylvania Ave, SE, where they serve breakfast all day along with other great greasy spoon diner food. Hawk and Dove on the same block had good breakfast and lots of Hill staffers and neighborhood locals.
            Around the corner on 2nd Street is Pete's, another old-time diner. Lots of non-chain local places in those few blocks. They should all be busy in the next few weeks during the Lame Duck session of Congress. A little local color so you'll know for sure you've visited the Nation's Capital.