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Nov 10, 2006 03:05 AM

PHX Personal Chef Rec?

I need some recs. for personal chefs in the Phoenix Area for about one quarter. I have several suppliers for catering, but now need one for the household on a limited basis. I have looked at a few, but am open to recommendations from the fourm. In my particular case, I'm looking for about 3 meals for two, spaced out over a week, for about one quarter.


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  1. Hi, Bill...I have two possiblities for you. One is a younger chef, relatively new to the area - raised in Switzerland, Italian...his name is Roberto Izzo,4507 E. Melanie Dr.
    Cave Creek, AZ 85331(480) 266 8271, website is And I don't know how busy Elizabeth Dickerson is right now; she's based in Chandler, 602.321.8536 website is
    Let us know what happens!

    1. YIKES - I'm sorry - a closer look says that Elizabeth is temporarily out of service! There are several personal chefs listed through, but I'm not very familiar with any currently listed.

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      1. re: Alice Letseat

        Thank you for these recommendations. I'll also take a look at the site, and see who is listed.


      2. There was a thread about personal chefs a few months ago with some recs.


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          Yes, I recall that thread. It was more for a large party, IIRC. I even responded with a rec. for a caterer. I thank you for the link, as I really didn't follow it to its conclusion, so I probably need to go to it and read all the posts.


        2. I would highly recommend Tailor Made Meals. We've used their service several times and it's always been great food and a huge timesaver. I was looking at a personal chef but they wanted a commitment each week and much of it was to be frozen. Tailor Made Meals is a weekly fresh delivery and we've been able to order whenever we want. I think the website is Hope this helps, if you use them let them know that Rebecca sent you as they have a referral program so I can some free meals.

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            Thanks for this rec. My neighbor uses Tailor Made Meals, and loves them. I had already bookmarked their site, but to hear another person, especially a "foodie" rec. them is great.


          2. Hunt,

            Glad I could help! They are a small business so I really liked that I got personal attention and the food is prepared just like I would at home and it wasn't like I was ordering from "Schwans" or some crap like that. I wish I could order every week..