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Nov 10, 2006 02:45 AM

Where to buy a cast iron pot in NYC

Hello, I want to buy a cast iron pot (7 quart) somewhere in Manhattan, or better yet in Brooklyn - Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, Williamsburg whereabouts. Any ideas where I might get it?


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  1. A Cook's Companion on Atlantic Ave, near clinton street, has a small cast iron selection. You can also try some of the hardware stores on Court Street, near atlantic.

    Broadway Panhandler (new location on 8th St near Astor Pl.) should have them, too.

    Also may want to try

    1. Zabar's has a good selection and decent prices.

      1. I agree with all of the above; but since you didn't specify whether you're looking for enameled or plain cast iron, maybe it's worth adding that Bed Bath and Beyond in Manhattan usually carries Lodge at a competitive price. You can also check TJ Maxx, right above the 18th Street BB&B, or Marshall's in the Atlantic Center, for the occasional Le Creuset seconds and knockoffs.

        1. When I lived in Manhattan (12 years ago) I bought my Lodge pans at a hardware store...

          1. Target is another good resource in Brooklyn.