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Nov 10, 2006 02:22 AM

Barcelona chow with pre-schooler?

I dug through the old posts some, and was wondering what you could point me to that's authentic & child-friendly. No Spanish version of Chuck E. Cheese (please god) -- just someplace where's it's not a faux pas to be three or the parents of someone who is.

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  1. Oh, Mom, your child is three! He doesn't have any idea of authentic food and will remember less about this trip than you might imagine. I began dragging my own now-adult daughters around the world when they were toddlers and they were great about eating anything and having terrific restaurant manners. But every now and then, a real kid restaurant - where Chinese parents took their kids to some local variation of McD's or Argentine families ate crappy pizza - was an adventure in itself. They have kids too. I enjoyed watching the families enjoying their children.
    Your child gets a chance to decompress a little, maybe play with some local kids for a few minutes. And never discount a clean bathroom at a McDonald's overseas. Always good when traveling with a pre-schooler.
    Spaniards adore well-mannered children and you should have no trouble - other than the very late dinner hour. Plan to get baby sitters so you can enjoy yourselves. No child should be expected to endure supper at 10 PM.

    1. Uh, thanks for sharing your experiences and opinions. I was actually looking for food suggestions, not child-rearing advice. :)

      1. My apologies. I meant no offense. I'm sure you and your child will have an enjoyable experience. We always did and have wonderful memories.

        1. It's also probably not what you had in mind, but I would suggest Maoz, which is a chain of falafel stands. Falafels are served in whole wheat or white pitas, and you garnish your own sandwich from the very colorful buffet of middle eastern sauces and salads. I know, it's not even Spanish cuisine, but I think it could be viewed as a tribute to spain's arab heritage.

          1. Most of Spain's restaurants have no problems with kids; quite the contrary as long as they do not make too much fuss.

            One of my local Barcelona favourites:

            Àgora on Calle Sepulveda 76